by Wusik
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DLY1 is a feedback delay.

You can setup your feedback path inside your host using any of the plugins that you want.

In order for this plugin to run you need to add two instances of it in a BUS, set a different group letter per bus and have one instance with Input=On at the top of the bus and one Input=Off at the bottom of the bus. That's all you need to do. Anything that is between the Input and the non-Input version will be the feedback audio path.
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DonnieDarkcore Jul 03 2021
Jul 03 2021
Lenny Jun 29 2021
Jun 29 2021
Thank you for this plugin and for your bravery being a spokesperson for bipolarity, William. You are one of a kind and much appreciated. Also looks like you finally found some whiz to do GUIs, looks sleek! I will try this plugin and the rest of your freebies here, the gater and drum machine, latter which sadly somehow seem to have passed through the What's New filter. Always check all the author's uploads! There might very well be some you missed or they have updated to 64-bit.
JC Jun 29 2021
(2 / 5)
Jun 29 2021
Bugs that need to be fixed. It only plays out of one speaker. The stereo knob should say Mix.