SawSage Lite
by PPV Medien
2.8 / 5     (4 votes)
Win32 Win64
SawSage Lite is a wavetable synthesizer.

This synthesizer is suitable for current electronic music such as EDM, house, dance, trance, dub, trap and even for retro sounds.

The name of the VST plug-in is a portmanteau of the terms "sawtooth" and "sausage" and is pronounced just like the latter word. Behind the humorous name is a modern wavetable synthesizer, with which you can create your own wavetables and unique sounds.

What is special about SawSage Lite is that – thanks to the wavetable synthesis – in addition to the 16 wavetables, individual waveforms can be drawn into the two oscillators to create new sounds.

Distinctive FM sounds and a wide pulse width modulation can also be implemented quickly. A lush filter section with 12 different filter types provides exciting timbres. The versatile modulation matrix, in combination with the LFOs, is able to liven up the sound. Inspiring sequences can be achieved with the 16-step sequencer. An effects section with equalizer and chorus is also available.

SawSage Lite contains a few selected presets, but you can also create your own sounds.
PUNISHER Jul 20 2023
(1 / 5)
Jul 20 2023
John Burns Sep 19 2022
(2 / 5)
Sep 19 2022
This one's weird. Drops notes like crazy. The notes don't sustain for very long. Not bad sounding... Might be ok for some very specific purposes, like crunchy electro basses. Seems a bit unreliable though...
Angkar Sep 19 2021
(4 / 5)
Sep 19 2021
This is an excellent synth unfortunately with few strange problems like others have said, namely the note-dropping.
ImissVL1 Jun 24 2021
(4 / 5)
Jun 24 2021
Pros: A nice surprise, the sound is clean but powerful, there are not only many waveforms outside the bread and butter sine, saw, triangle, square, but they are actually usable, not the usual weird and noisy fodder they add so they can advertise 200 waveforms. Another nice surprise, the modulation section is clearly laid out, props to the author for that. I put it to test for hours , flipped every setting and no freezes, so it seems stable on Reaper. Very light load on CPU as well. Cons: I didn't care for the Unison sound, too static and easily over-detuned, but then again I find internal Unison effects in synths tend to suck and always end up using external Roland Chorus. Author should however implement true arpeggiator. Modulatable step sequencer is not an arpeggiator as anyone who's had to pull a released track because they their Step-AMP modulation didn't turn all the way to 100% can tell you. Thirdly, when I play chords and release keys at different times, AMP or filter envelope seems to occasionally finish too early. I thought it might've been a polyphony issue with running out of voices, but increasing voice or unison count didn't solve it, so it's more likely the envelopes on released notes sometimes erronously calculating and closing on note-off messages or something. It's random and fast so hard to tell what exactly happens. Neither increasing hold, sustain or release values didn't help so I reached for legato but found to my surprise this synth has no option to turn it on or off, a strange omission in 2021 regardless of connection to the envelope issue, because most synth leads need legato to perform expressively. Or maybe it's on or maybe some experimental semi-legato which might explain both why the on and off option are omitted and the envelope issue lol. The envelope thing is really weird, never had it with any other synth. It's overcome if you trim MIDI note ends to sync but that dehumanizes performance. If author solves the envelope issue and adds arpeggiator and legato, this will be hands down a quality 5 star EDM synth for pros and starters alike. For now there is ever reliable Synth1.
ImissVL1 Jul 02 2021
Jul 02 2021
After further testing, more pros: -Impressive selection of filters for most purposes. There's even a TB303 filter and with the variety of wavetables you can probably find or draw an approximation of TB303 waveforms so this can emulate one to some extent. -Wavetable drawing is easy as cake. Provide you have a spectrum of their waveform, you can emulate classic analog or digital waveforms much faster than most other custom wavetable or FM synths. You can even draw a guitar waveform and get sterile but nevertheless nice physical modelling guitar sounds, not too far from Spicy Guitar or Lethelity. -You can modulate factory AND custom waveforms with PWM for liveliness. And more cons: -Limited wavetable drawing. Don't get me wrong: Freeform waveform drawing easily wins over Guided (like in Curve) and FM in ease and immediate feedback BUT for accuracy you should have a drawing tablet, so for those without it, there should be an option to switch between Freeform and guided. -Previous issue would be less so if the wavetable drawing window wasn't so tiny. There needs to be a way to zoom in, the current size severely limits possibilities. -Wavetable saving isn't supported. A cheap workaround is to preserve a wavetable in one oscillator and edit new one in oscillator 2. -There is an audible glitch when you turn the 3 Pole Filter's resonance down to zero. Didn't notice this with any other filters. -No panning despite two oscillators. Some might like to be able to pan the oscillators left and right like in an Oberheim SEM for a wide stereo image. Again, this is a really good synth with many possibilities but also many irritating problems and ambitious features crippled. It's called Lite, so some limitations may be intentional but UI does not clearly state where so I review this as it comes. Closest freebie to this may be Dune CM but I like this one more. If you have no commercial all-rounder synth with robust feature set, this is the next best thing.
Jun 21 2021
I don't like synth with many ""pad"" sounds, i can't do much with them, i prefere clean sounds without reverb..... easier to mix n remix without turning into mayonnaise audio, but hey, sure it will please some others
Marcus from Jacobstown Jun 22 2021
Jun 22 2021
This is one of the dumbest comments I've ever seen here. A synth doesn't "have many pad sounds". You can say that about a rompler that is limited to whatever samples are inside. Synth on the other hand can have a preset selection with many pad sounds (yes even monophonic synth, just ask Wendy Carlos) but all the same it can have a preset selection with many animal sounds and neither doesn't necessarily represent all you can program on the synth. Many great synths have pisspoor preset selections, in fact first synths in 60s and 70s had none. Also if you can't mix a song with lots of sustained (pad) tracks without turning it into mayonnaise, then sorry but your mixing skills are simply poor, period. Here's a tip: when mixing pads cut low frequencies first.
cndmn Jun 28 2021
Jun 28 2021
Stop using presets