by Engelen Audio
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Kaput is a faithful recreation of a dusty, old handheld cassette recorder on the brink of collapse.

Many hours of hardware modelling allow you to give your audio a lo-fi, broken vintage sound. Kaput does not do subtlety; push the input gain and experience meticulous, non-linear cassette tape modelling.
Volum Dec 17 2021
(4 / 5)
Dec 17 2021
Why does everyone think that the use of magnetic recording leads to such a strong distortion? I still have a reel-to-reel tape recorder, and there is a cassette player, but I do not feel such distortions in it, which frighten everyone with their vst plug-ins. This is a pure lie! The sound, and the quality of the tape recording is not inferior, and in some places even surpasses the studio recording of the microphone - computer type. The sound of a tape recorder will never replace a computer!
Госкомпортрет Apr 30 2022
Apr 30 2022
Согласен полностью!
Jon B May 17 2022
May 17 2022
I have a old handheld tape recorder and it distorts very easily and has a really lo-fi sound. A high-end stereo stack tape recorder will ofc sound infinitely much better. The kind of tape cassette you are using also have a big influence in the sound you get. Old and worn-out cassettes that you have recorded to dozens of times will be much noisier and probably have a lot less highs. Dirty tape heads was also a big problem with these handheld devices. Considering this is supposed to be an emulation of a handheld device I would say it's pretty accurate.