by SNFK Music
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Fleeter is a transient processor / saturator designed to fatten up drums.

It has only three simple knobs: Time, Amount, and Saturation.

Time corresponds to how long a transient is. Amount corresponds to how much or little the plugin should emphasize a transient. Saturation adds analog charm to the track and creates upwards harmonics.
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Guetto Jun 11 2021
Jun 11 2021
The Best Transient Shaper Free without a doubt!!! "TRY THIS" an 808 snare with 1 bar of 1/16 notes, change bpm faster and this vst captures transients up to 300 bpm, it's very fast!!! For the developer : BUG when the plugin is silent - REQUEST add a control for the sustain PLEASE it would be insane
Jon B Jun 11 2021
Jun 11 2021
You don't get the weird clicks? I get weird clicks that sound like really bad aliasing just at the end of the envelopes release. Even without it, this one doesn't sound very good to my ears. It might become better in the future though! He's a brand new developer who just started coding so he still needs a bit more practice but considering he has already released 4(?) plug-ins, I think his future can be very bright :) Btw, for a truly GREAT, free transient shaper, check out Sonic Anomaly's Transpire. Sleepy-Time DSP's Transient and Auburn Sounds Cotoure Free are also very good.
Guetto Jun 15 2021
Jun 15 2021
Try Stupid Compressor (same developer), it is very complete and has functions that other free compressors do not have. This vst is just out, it can be improved but it is a good project
Xantux Jun 11 2021
Jun 11 2021
Sounds very cool but sometimes it blocks my audio driver :/