Yumbu 2
by Fanan Team
2.8 / 5     (5 votes)
Win32 Win64
Yumbu 2 is wav / mp3 slot driven drum sampler.

It brings up lightning speed drum-kits loading and fast one stage control, fitted for live usage. Now, with better control, both mp3 and WAV. format support, faster workflow and only 0.5 sec. loading times for new core kit, Yumbu 2 is one of the quickest drum samplers in the market.

Yumbu 2 uses 10 (.wav, mp3) file sample slots to build 10 drum components drum-kits. According to this approach, every slot can be anything, from kicks to snares or cymbals or you name it. Each slot is triggered by its own unique MIDI note which noted on its slot button. For instance, slot 48 is triggered by note number 48 in the MIDI keyboard (c2). The samples menu is divided into 14 categories, including a wide range of drum-kit components types. Each type button (kicks, snares, claps, etc.) is directing to it's own sample library folder which located at "C:UsersyournameDocumentsFananteamYumbuUSER". Each sample slot has also a room for user's imported samples which can be added manually to the "user" folder. Yumbu 2 comes with 30 full drum-kits to start with.

Yumbu 2 has a built-in mixer that allows you to tweak any sample separately. You can use the EQ, change the pitch, add a random pitch manipulation to every sample, pan and you can use our pitch based round robin effect which has a wide control ability on the final sound. The mixer is also armed with 3 master effects (compressor, reverb, delay) with a brand new unique effect called "F.R" which allows full scale frequency control over the wet signal. You can use the effect by sending a fx amount from the "master fx" knob on every channel or you can override the per cell sending and just send them directly to the master effect.

Yumbu 2 loads drumkits extremely fast, only 0.5 sec for full loading. It can set "sample start and "sample end" points with MIDI assignable knobs and it also allows you to tweak the active keyboard's octaves starting points. Yumbu 2 uses 24 presets drumkit banks. Each preset represents a full drumkit containing all the components and settings.

Yumbu 2 is armed with brand new morphing system which can blend any 2 drum elements together (which can create tons of new fresh drum sounds). The morph system can also play with the blended element's pitch and increase the invention of new drum sounds like never before.

Each channel in Yumbu 2 is armed with dedicated modulation effects which allow adding beautiful nuances and textures to each drum element separately. There is a yowling phaser effect, a delay and the new Zelda filter which can completely change the audio materials native character and morph it into a new interesting sound.
  • 10 drum sample slots per kit.
  • 14 drum element banks with full 30 drum-kits that adjusted to wide range of pop and EDM genres.
  • Morphing system for blending any 2 drum elements together.
  • Automation file manager.
  • 4 additional WAV. pages in the element menu for user's WAV. files.
  • MIDI assignable startend points manager.
  • Master effects.
  • Graphical MIDI keyboard with assignable keyboard starting points.
  • Full virtual mixer with gain knobs, master effect send knobs, pitch knobs, random pitch manager knobs, round robin and pan knobs, master compressor, delay and reverb effects armed with a unique F.R. feature.
  • MIDI route options (internal or sent to the DAW through MIDI channels).
  • Scalable and customizable GUI.
  • Dedicated modulation effects including phaser, delay and Zelda filter.
Angkar Sep 19 2021
(1 / 5)
Sep 19 2021
It does not do anything unusual but CPU load is off charts. Not good.
StudMuffin1 Jun 06 2021
(4 / 5)
Jun 06 2021
I like it because it's not some huge file with lot's of sample packs. The built in effects are neat. Visually it looks good too but I wish it could have some skin templates where you can just completely go black.
Иван Иваныч Jun 04 2021
(3 / 5)
Jun 04 2021
Звук пластмассовый какой то...
sOUTH&LOUd Jun 04 2021
(5 / 5)
Jun 04 2021
Has a useful built-in core library and many absorbing features that barely exists elsewhere. Couldn't believe it's free. Well done.
Erisian Jun 04 2021
Jun 04 2021
It might not be free. The Fanan Team often say that their software is free but if you look at point 2. on the license, you find out that you are only entitled to use it for 30 days. Just check the license for your own safety.
sOUTH&LOUd Jun 04 2021
Jun 04 2021
Nope. It's completely free. Any limits refers to the payed plugin packs only at demo mode.
Samhooey Jun 04 2021
(1 / 5)
Jun 04 2021
Way too much CPU on this.
MOLOKKO Jun 05 2021
Jun 05 2021
Which cpu u use? here with I5 9400f ++reaper editing software only 2.5% cpu. What am I missing?