Lo-Fi Keys
by Clark Audio
3.4 / 5     (8 votes)
Win64 OSX
Lo-Fi Keys is a processed piano rompler inspired by today’s modern Lo-Fi music.

This small VST / AU plugin gives you the ability to lay out soft & dusty piano chord progressions and melodies.

Lo-Fi Keys comes with 10 sampled piano instruments. To create each preset we first started by sampling actual pianos. These pianos include a classic grand piano, upright piano, and electric keyboard. After recording the instruments we lightly edited and processed each sample. The processing technique included applying vinyl and tape textures to emulate a vintage sound. Finally, each sample showcases the characteristics found in today’s most popular lo-fi piano beats.
lederj Aug 01 2021
(5 / 5)
Aug 01 2021
Pairs nicely with shimmer type of reverbs for big soundscapes
John Burns Jul 29 2021
(2 / 5)
Jul 29 2021
Crappy but still pleasing to the ear. Many of the sounds are not in standard tuning which is super lame. Not a plugin you're likely to ever want to use but there are one or two nice sounds here all the same.
Anonymous Feb 27 2022
Feb 27 2022
That is the whole entire point john
John Burns missed the point Apr 15 2022
Apr 15 2022
John that's kinda the point
John Burns Sep 19 2022
Sep 19 2022
It's you two geniuses who have "missed the point". If you apply a "wow" effect to recorded piano music, the end result is a lo fi piano recording. If you apply pitch variation to individual piano notes, then combine them digitally, the end result is not a "lo fi piano recording" but a hi fi recording of an out of tune piano, which sounds like crap. The app developers clearly don't understand what they are trying to achieve here. If this was an in tune piano rompler with a wow effect on the output, I and other users might be more inclined to use it.
Petit stérilet mignon Jun 15 2021
(2 / 5)
Jun 15 2021
Not very interesting sounds, and some presets are out of tune... :/ Disappointing.
Lopes Jun 12 2021
(5 / 5)
Jun 12 2021
People are bitter af in this site sometimes. this plugin is great, very nice sounds and textures and a very simple and intuitive GUI. if you're looking for versatile, ambient keys and sounds with low cpu, this is great. i also recommend playing at very low or very high pitches and filtering some frequencies out, makes very very nice textures
computerus Jun 11 2021
(3 / 5)
Jun 11 2021
sounds okay, not more. But are you serious about the gui? Looks uninspired, to say the least.
V1-Rotate Beats Mar 22 2024
Mar 22 2024
People care about the quality, not the look right?
StudMuffin1 Jun 06 2021
(2 / 5)
Jun 06 2021
I hear clicks and pop when I touch the volume or reverb knob at certain setups. Not impressed.
Amadeus Jun 05 2021
(3 / 5)
Jun 05 2021
Sounds nice but cannot tune it! :/
VLtonez Jun 03 2021
(5 / 5)
Jun 03 2021
Interesting sounds and fairly low on cpu