Pastel Reverb
by ViatorDSP
3.7 / 5     (3 votes)
Win64 OSX
Pastel Reverb is a Pastel room reverb unit.

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John Burns Jul 15 2023
Jul 15 2023
Dangit. Windows won't let me install this one. Not sure why. I've installed several other Viator plugs on my PC before.
Kollusion Jul 28 2023
Jul 28 2023
You could be missing one of the Microsoft Visual C + + 20?? redistributable repositories for windows would be my guess.
dayzru Jun 01 2021
(5 / 5)
Jun 01 2021
I really like the sound of this Viator Reverb. It's kind of unique. As it's version 1.0 I assume it's going to be developed & updated in future. There are couple of things I'd be glad to see improved: - Sometimes LPF and 12/24dB buttons don't react on a click. Looks like there's a problem with mouse positioning in that area. For example, the mouse starts to react on a scroll wheel of Cutoff instead of clicking on LPF. - For me it's kind of unclear to see visually if the button is on or off. A LED indication next to a small button would work better in my eyes. I'm totally not a GUI designer, but there's something that does not make me happy with these buttons. Like I can still use a Cutoff knob even when LPF is not enabled and it's not quite visible that thee buttons are working together with that knob. - It's weird that there's only a LPF cutoff, but no HPF cutoff. You can make a really dark reverb and it'll have really too much bass that you can't get rid of. As there's dry/wet function, I expect the plugin to be working as an insert FX and it requires both LPF+HPS at the same time. - I was surprised to see that LPF is being applied to a Dry signal as well. This routing forces me to use Viator Reverb as a send only, as I really want to keep my Dry signal intact. I mean, EQ before the reverb and EQ after the reverb can be a thing, but EQ that affects both dry & wet signal is a bit weird to see. I really like the overall sound of this plugin, it can be used to add some filters and space, but some GUI/routing tweaks would be great!