Pastel Reverb
by ViatorDSP
5.0 / 5     (2 votes)
Win64 OSX
Pastel Reverb is a Pastel room reverb unit.

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dayzru Jun 01 2021
(5 / 5)
Jun 01 2021
I really like the sound of this Viator Reverb. It's kind of unique. As it's version 1.0 I assume it's going to be developed & updated in future. There are couple of things I'd be glad to see improved: - Sometimes LPF and 12/24dB buttons don't react on a click. Looks like there's a problem with mouse positioning in that area. For example, the mouse starts to react on a scroll wheel of Cutoff instead of clicking on LPF. - For me it's kind of unclear to see visually if the button is on or off. A LED indication next to a small button would work better in my eyes. I'm totally not a GUI designer, but there's something that does not make me happy with these buttons. Like I can still use a Cutoff knob even when LPF is not enabled and it's not quite visible that thee buttons are working together with that knob. - It's weird that there's only a LPF cutoff, but no HPF cutoff. You can make a really dark reverb and it'll have really too much bass that you can't get rid of. As there's dry/wet function, I expect the plugin to be working as an insert FX and it requires both LPF+HPS at the same time. - I was surprised to see that LPF is being applied to a Dry signal as well. This routing forces me to use Viator Reverb as a send only, as I really want to keep my Dry signal intact. I mean, EQ before the reverb and EQ after the reverb can be a thing, but EQ that affects both dry & wet signal is a bit weird to see. I really like the overall sound of this plugin, it can be used to add some filters and space, but some GUI/routing tweaks would be great!