by ViatorDSP
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Win64 OSX
LV-50A is an analog equalizer.

It combines the sound and curves of two different hardware EQ's that have defined music studios across the decades. This EQ is inspired by real EQ's, but it definitely has its own flavor.
  • Oversampling of 8x when oversampling is turned on from the top-right dropdown menu. This makes a huge difference on the top end frequencies.
  • Four EQ bands with proportional Q and 12 dB of boost and attenuation.
  • When the gain of a band is set to 0 dB, the filter circuit disables, which saves loads of CPU if you aren't using the band anyway.
  • Saturation algorithm on the output, the EQ pushes into it. When the drive is set to 0 dB, the circuit disables to save on CPU.
  • The low and high bands can be a shelf or bell depending on the state of the button under each band.
  • Reset button to set all band's gains to 0 dB.
  • High and low pass filters to filter out the very top and bottom frequencies that aren't super useful. Toggle the filters button under the drive. These filters really make a huge difference when oversampling is on.
  • Phase inversion button to flip the phase of the entire circuit. This is useful for parallel processing.
  • Trim gain to boost or attenuate the volume of the entire plugin.
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Martin Jul 21 2021
Jul 21 2021
Tested on FL Studio 20.0.4 and the Plugin just mutes the output of the channel it's placed into. Has any FL user experienced such an issue?
kuac Jun 02 2021
Jun 02 2021
What is the possibility of your plugins coming to linux, it would be great to be able to use your EQ XD
dayzru Jun 01 2021
(5 / 5)
Jun 01 2021
This LV-50A EQ is surprisingly good for me. I really like how it sounds. As it's version 1.0 I assume it's going to be developed and updated in future. There are couple of things I'd be glad to see there: MF1 & MF2 have only the range of 200 Hz - 2000 Hz. Frequencies higher than 2000 Hz can only be adjusted by a HF knob, that you would usually want to use as a shelf for much higher tweaks. I wish MF1 & MF2 would have more range for that. I could use LV-60 in that case, but that adds some character straight away. I was also a bit confused by Shelf/Reset/Filters buttons as I had to spend some time to understand how they act. A switching curve thumbnail would work better for both Low Cut & Hi Cut. And a button is usually an additional thing that shouldn't be as big & bright as EQ knobs, as it takes away attention. Filters button is placed under a Drive fader, so I assumed it's somehow connected, but it's not. (After trying out and reading the manual) Also quite sometimes a button state is not quite clear to an end-user, as the button itself is always there and only the background color makes a difference. I mean, you can get used to it and it saves some CPU/GPU, but I somehow expect more certain button status as it really helps to visually see what's going on. On/Off animation is not that important as the ability to see what's on at the first glance. As a dj I'm more used to analog-looking interface where you can expect a short word printed on a cover and a small LED indication if it's activated or not, or a LED-lighted button with a word printed next to it - this makes much more sence to me. Other than that the GUI is great, sound is great too. And it's FREE. So thanks! Other plugins look good too!
Paul Grant May 31 2021
(5 / 5)
May 31 2021
I really like using this EQ. Gives a nice saturation when you use the drive control, and the stepped controls make it easy to adjust the frequency and gain.