by SNFK Music
3.9 / 5     (9 votes)
StupidCompressor is a dynamic range compressor / transient shaper.

StupidCompressor was designed with CPU and memory management in mind. The sound engine was rewritten multiple times to ensure it wouldn’t be a CPU hog.

Advanced features can be found in the advanced panel and include compressing a certain frequency range, transient shaping, limiting, and two simple clipping distortion types.
  • Stereo Compressor with ratio, attack, release, and gain staging.
  • Visualizer for the ratio and threshold.
  • Visualizer showing the input & output levels, the threshold, and gain reduction.
  • Bandpass Compressor – Only compress a certain frequency range.
  • Transient Shaper – features both increase and decrease in transients.
  • Limiter – Found in the clipping section; it is used for clipping without creating new harmonics (and also plain limiting if you wish).
  • Soft & Hard Clipper – Sometimes you will want new harmonics; these are perfect for adding them in.
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JC Jun 29 2021
(2 / 5)
Jun 29 2021
Compresses but distorts on the low end. Try on an 808. Same on low vocals.
Yep Jun 12 2021
(5 / 5)
Jun 12 2021
Nothing Stupid about this compressor. (Also transient processor, limiter and clipper.) High visual feedback shows you what is being compressed.
Jon B Jun 04 2021
(2 / 5)
Jun 04 2021
First of all, the people who give one or zero star ratings just because it didn't work on their system are just stupid. However, I can't give this plug-in much more than two stars as it is right now. As it only seems to be a alpha/beta version still, I really hope they can improve upon it later on. This plug-in does have all the elements to make it a great tool but the implementation is poorly done. The things I really like about it is that it has a quite nice and clear interface with a visualization of the threshold/ratio (which is not correct, but more on that later) and a real-time side scrolling display of the that helps to visualize how the attack and release time settings are affecting the gain reduction. Sadly, they didn't bother to add any kind of metering so it's not to much use. Being able to type in the desired settings instead of turning the knobs would be much faster in some cases. When clicking the "Advanced" tab it shows some further options, namely: Bandpass Comp, Feedforward/Feedback, Transients, Clipping and Master I/O. From what I can hear, the Transients and Clipping controls work as they should and they both are very useful features. The Bandpass control kinda works but for some reason when you have it in feedforward mode it works as a expander for all of the frequencies outside of the HP- and LP filters. I think that having sidechain filters would be more useful here. My biggest critique is that the transfer curves are not correct, neither in feedforward or feedback mode. The ratio knob and visualizer does not reflect what the plug-in is doing to the signal at all. In feedforward mode the ratio knob works more closely to a "Range" function where the compressor only compresses the signal only a set amount. With the ratio knob a ~2.5 you get around 4dB of compression with a ratio of >20:1, so it's practically limiting the signal 4dB and after that it only has a ratio at maybe 1.2:1. In feedback mode the transfer curve looks more like a compressor but it's still the same problem but to a less extreme degree. With the ratio set to 4:1 it starts off kinda good but after 3dB of compression the ratio goes down to about 1.5:1. I really want to like this plug-in but with such profound problems I can't say that it's usable right now. Hopefully it will be fixed in the future!
Xenon May 25 2021
(5 / 5)
May 25 2021
I tried it for the funny name, with no great expectations. It's incredible! Very beautifull!
san May 10 2021
(5 / 5)
May 10 2021
Works fine in Reaper. I was very happy getting usable results quickly on what were boring sounding Drums before. Though I would prefer the Bandpass, Transient Shaper, Limiter to be located directly below the Compressor on a single screen. Not a big fan of 'hidden' settings. Anyways, good tool!
Don May 09 2021
(1 / 5)
May 09 2021
Yes stupid! Crashes FL studio!!
BenJ May 10 2021
May 10 2021
It crashes your daw so you give a 1 rating ? Did you even notice it's 0.4 version so it's still beta..
Doncrashes May 15 2021
May 15 2021
Works great with my DAW. Maybe your DAW is crap.
Xenon May 25 2021
May 25 2021
On my FL Studio (purchased) it works great.
Dave May 26 2021
May 26 2021
Vst 3 has gui bugs parts of the display missing! then appears when you click on the area!
Yep Jun 12 2021
Jun 12 2021
Solid as a rock on FL Studio v20.8.3 - 64bit
DW May 08 2021
(5 / 5)
May 08 2021
Cool, he is not stupid)