Shruti Box
by Ocean Swift Synthesis
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Win32 Win64
Shruti Box is an additive synthesis drone box, a digital rendition of the shruti box classic indian instrument.

A very light drone based instrument for quick sonic backgrounds – inspired on the Indian instrument shruti box – Our version comes with a tremolo effect, a chorus effect and other controls for core sound such has Body, Damp and Shimmer.
  • Octave:? Sets the base octave for the note switches with a range of -2 to +2, with a setting of 0 representing the base canonical shruti sound.
  • Volume:? Controls the overall loudness of the device.
  • Body:? Controls the first harmonic of the drone sound. Set between 70-85% for the typical Indian shruti sound.
  • Shimmer:? Adds brightness to the sound with an additional upper harmonic. Turn up for more ofa buzzing sound.
  • Damp:? Low pass damping filter. Useful in tandem with the shimmer knob in order to hit sweettonal spots.
  • Note Switches:? These turn on and off each available note across one full octave on a C scalewith an additional upper C note. Hold between two and four notes for the typical shruti dronesound.
  • Drone:? When turned off the device will respond to MIDI and play when you sustain any MIDInote. When turned on the device will play at all times.