by Yuri Semenov
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Win32 Win64 OSX
Doubler simulates a doubling effect.
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TRho Mar 31 2024
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Mar 31 2024
I love these plugins I hope you can make a CL1B compressor!! No ones ever done it, and your GUIs along with ability to use in protools they work and sound great!
cyber_T Feb 24 2022
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Feb 24 2022
Awesome! It reminds me on my old MXR-flanger/doubler-unit, that I´ve sold (unfortunately) many years ago. With the right amount of modulation, you can create an abbey-road/beatles-style doubling effect with a lot of vintage-mojo.
Иннокентий Aug 03 2021
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Aug 03 2021
Ха, ха.., Интересный эффект можно накрутить. Спасибо!