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SafFron is an audio triggered synthesizer.

Comes in 4 different versions.
  • Range - Sets the range of tracking, center was designed to provide the largest range of a guitar. Also provides for high and low range to track the full range of a guitar.
  • MIDI Semi - Sets the pitch of the MIDI output -3 / +2 octaves in semitones.
  • MIDI Bend - Turns pitch bend on or off for MIDI output. NOTE still some work to do here! High CPU use and some kinks to iron out, I will get there.
  • Thresh - The most important control of the tracking. Sets the threshold at where the gate will trigger. For a more sustained gate set the threshold low, for a faster response set the threshold higher. Higher threshold settings will also provide a tighter gate in its closing.
  • Hold - Holds the playing note using CC#64 MIDI sustain pedal. Placed on the UI for a visual and for hosts that need the control visible for MIDI learn mapping.
  • Velocity - Used to match the velocity tracking to your input level. Provides a plus and minus 12db range.
  • Tune - Tries to provide an exact pitch for each note. Very useful when using the MIDI output to trigger a VSTi with the internal synth. This setting will make the two synths pitch match.
  • Vel Curve - Sets the curve velocity tracking will follow. Left at linear for all internal presets, yet can make the feel of playing SafFron much more natural when set to the soundfont loaded, by changing the soft to hard playing curve.
  • Latency - Sets the time in milliseconds it takes for the gate to trigger. Useful for giving the pitch time to setup before trigger. The type of sample loaded affects how much delay is required for a clean trigger. Simple waveforms like a sine or a saw require only a small delay, High bells however will require a higher delay so the samples attack can be tracked.
Stephan Sep 19 2023
Sep 19 2023
Doesn't come with sound patches of any kind, so it doesn't make sound on install. Where should I get some?