Easy Convolver
by GSi
5.0 / 5     (4 votes)
Win64 Linux
Easy Convolver is a convolution engine.

It can perform convolution of any WAV file, typically Impulse Responses of reverbs, amplifiers, filters or other audio gear.

Impulse files: the zip file contains a folder with a few experimental impulses sampled from actual gear. Use these file for your tests or for your music. Find other impulses online or from other publishers.
  • Drag and drop an IR .wav file (amp or reverb) on the grey drop area.
  • Or click the grey drop area and choose a IR .wav file.
  • Mix between wet (left) and dry (right) signals using the knob.
  • Recent files are added to the list and remembered (up to 100).
  • Click a list item to reload a file.
  • If a file can't be found, it's automatically removed from the list.
  • Right-click on the list to remove one item or clear the entire list.
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Eyelid Smith Jul 22 2021
(5 / 5)
Jul 22 2021
I now use this as a reverb send, besides the other effects you can do with this. I found a reverb based on a convolution of the live scene in 1963 of the parking garage where Lee H Oswald was shot. Someone sampled the ambience of the 1963 footage of the underground garage at the time of the event and made a convolution out of it, lol. Couple of friends have been by and we jam and then I say (while mixing etc on reaper) "I'm gonna put a little Lee Harvey Oswald reverb on the leady bit", and they're all "huh", then I explain the reverb, and once someone understands their guitar part is going to sound like it's right next to the cops dragging Oswald from 1 place 2 another, then the Dr. Thunder comes geysering thru their nose, Bahahaha. Had to be there...
cyber_T Jun 27 2021
(5 / 5)
Jun 27 2021
Somebody has heard my prayers! An absolute basic convolver plugin with only a wet/dry function and a useful list. Sounds excellent with reverb-IRs or with guitarcab-IRs. Thanks to GSI so much - 5 stars aren´t enough...
Xmusic Feb 27 2021
(5 / 5)
Feb 27 2021
Just what I was looking for. Superb App. Gold dust. Keep up the good work !
Groumpfy Feb 18 2021
(5 / 5)
Feb 18 2021
Rrealy excellent and usefull. Just what we need with IR files.