Drum Snapper
by Low Wave Studios
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Win64 OSX
Drum Snapper is a transient shaper tailored for drums.

It can add more snap or more sustain to the drums and has other extra functions not found on other transient shapers.
  • It has a Focus knob specially made for sharpening the attack of the drum.
  • A Tape-like Clipper that is oversampled to avoid aliasing (introduces latency, for best quality).
  • With the Release knob it is possible to shape the tail of the drum when adding sustain and change the sensitivity of the processing when adding attack;
  • A Tape-like Clipper for distorting high frequencies spikes, with both gain and mix controls. To add excitement.
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Don Feb 02 2021
Feb 02 2021
Why not a 32 bit! always 64! Thats why i prefer TRANSPIRE.... https://vst4free.com/plugin/2777/
Feb 01 2021
ONLY vst3 in the 64bits window, vst3 dont work for me
Freestyler69 Feb 01 2021
Feb 01 2021
Oh okay. Thanks. Is there some vst3 to vst2 converter out there?