by Quilcom
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Vocoral is a single purpose effects unit for multiplying a monophonic vocal input to create a 20-part stereo unison choir section with each voice panned using a 20 point location.

It’s created and tuned specifically for use on a vocal source, but if used with instruments the results can also be interesting.

For multiple vocal sections, for example with harmonies, it’s important to stress that you need one plugin instance per vocal stem, rather than use one plugin on a mix of vocals. This approach gives a much cleaner and realistic sound.

A simple optional reverb is available to add space to the overall sound, and a stretch button to further enhance the apparent choir size.
Erisian Nov 29 2022
Nov 29 2022
I would love something like this in 64 bit.
(5 / 5)
Jan 29 2021
I just LOVE all ur VSTI..... VST FX..... simple, but able to do a lot, that others can do the more complexer way.... and I LIKE it SIMPLE..... so THANK u very MUCH for all ur crazy work, seems like u enjoy doing it.... ENTER OBYONETAOPY MUSIC in any search engines (not gogole) and hear why I like ur WORK.....