by Quilcom
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Win32 Win64
SIM-W is designed to simulate the tin whistle.

It uses no samples and relies on synthesiser techniques only. Since it’s a synthesiser, the range of timbres available is considerably wider than sample sets.
Jim Feb 06 2023
Feb 06 2023
I put the Quilcom SIM-W v1.001 (64).dll and the Presets folder in the C:Program FilesCommon FilesVST3 folder. Reaper scanned it when I opened Reaper and I was able to find it and add it to an existing flute track, but there is difference in the sound. Am I missing something here? Thanks
dg Dec 09 2022
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Dec 09 2022
Amazing, have a preset called "the whistle" that reminds a lot that west coast g-synth.
Gob Sep 08 2021
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Sep 08 2021
The plugin is exactly what I need and it sounds great! thanks :)
Erisian Aug 22 2021
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Aug 22 2021
I really like this. It sounds very realistic, especially with the embellishments.