by Quilcom
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Win32 Win64
SIM-BP is designed to simulate the sound of many different types of bagpipe.

It uses no samples, just synthesis methods. This means that while it may not sound as authentic as real sample sets you do have fine control over the timbre and behaviour of this class of capped reed instruments.

Includes a folder containing background info, and a User Guide which goes into detail about the operation and methods used.
DonnieDarkcore Oct 05 2021
(5 / 5)
Oct 05 2021
The lower drones make it sound convincing. You won't find any better bagpipes vsti for free. I'm not a fan of the flowstone gui templates but this thing is a masterpiece at it's finest.
roca-prod Feb 10 2021
Feb 10 2021
Doesn't work there isn't bank ... I open the vst and there is no sounds
Dschühn Apr 07 2021
Apr 07 2021
The trick is to click on the bagpipe-symbol in upper corner to the right. That activates it. It's a great emulation!