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SECTION explores instrument ensemble simulation without using a conventional delay-based chorus system.

The main technique is to take any waveform and create unique waveform tables using a technique called Phase Scrambling. This retains the partials’ magnitudes but randomises their phases to give 9 different waveforms with broadly the same timbre. These can then be detuned and panned without the pronounced “flanginess” of more common methods.

You could think of it as a glorified brass and string synth that can do other stuff too.

Includes load of free waveforms from The Adventure Kid and that all-important User Guide for more background and instructions.
GMAN Oct 09 2023
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Oct 09 2023
The entry song on the video sounds very similar to; "Going Home" by Terry Scott Taylor Album: A Briefing For The Ascent
Anonymous Oct 14 2021
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Oct 14 2021
Not wotking
Duane Oct 21 2021
Oct 21 2021
It is wotking just fine for me and most likely everybody else, but you on the other hand appear to be special.
Hegel Mar 11 2021
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Mar 11 2021
Within this technology one could re-create a whole Hollywood String Orchestra while taking this VSM say X times, and they would sound quite natural and producing poly-harmonic beats among themselves in the most natural way. Thus, the quantity will turn into the quality.
whippettybbuubwhuup Jul 26 2022
Jul 26 2022
Maybe. With some dedicated and careful contouring of the sound with EQs and delays, bandpassed filters, formant filters etc, maybe pairing this up with its spiritual cousin Triplecheese, one might get pretty close.