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Razorblade is inspired by the classic 80’s Ensoniq ESQ-1 and SQ-80 synths.

Whilst it’s not a clone it does use the exact same waves extracted from the original ROMs, which are available in the public domain.

It’s the result of a lengthy collaboration between Quilcom, Tulamide, Kevin Brown and Manfred Plümer.

Includes a set of amazing banks created by Manfred, a User Guide and the original operating manuals for the Ensoniq synths (to better explain the Waves system).

Most of the operation should be easy to pick up, but there are a few things which needed further explanation, so it’s worth going through the User Guide to get all the details.
ImissVL1 Jun 20 2021
(2 / 5)
Jun 20 2021
Knob responsiveness is laggy, loading is slow, it's unstable and the sound, while fairly accurate emulation of Ensoniq sound (hence two stars) might not be worth the added instability. SQ8L still reigns supreme, shame it's not available in 64 bits. I love nearly all the other Quilcom plugins, so what the issue here? Well, it's immediately clear just by looking at it, this is the odd one out bearing no resemblance to the other (ambitious and quality) plugins and that's probably because it's less Quilcom and more quickly cobbled together KBPlugs fodder to clutter synth plugin listings, following, among other things, the most questionable plugin I've probably ever seen, a VST clone of Uhe Diva.
Первый Feb 16 2021
Feb 16 2021
Хрень какая то. Параша первобытная. Блевотина от борща. Паутина в тесте. Говнокосилка чёрная. Укроп засушенный. Говнище.