by Quilcom
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Padulator is designed with the idea of making rich interesting pad-type sounds, although it’s capable of much more.

Due to the novel algorithm employed (details in the download) it uses a lot of CPU, so it may be best to render the tracks and freeze the plugin. Alternatively you could use the Recorder to make clips and samples, and just use those.

Zip incldes a user guide and presets, many of which were created by Manfred Plümer.
mnrv-ovrf-year-c Sep 02 2022
Sep 02 2022
This is a little bit lame and really bulky and CPU intensive for the sounds it comes with. That said, if you're able to, render many of them to WAV to import them into your tracker!
Ya Be Aug 27 2021
(4 / 5)
Aug 27 2021
It sounds really harmonic and rich, but yeah CPU usage is far too high for this type of synth unless your sound designing. I would pass this by for wavetable synth for the same CPU budget.
serpax Jul 20 2021
(2 / 5)
Jul 20 2021
Boring !
GioLuc Jun 09 2021
(0 / 5)
Jun 09 2021
Non Funziona!