by Quilcom
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B-2 SHAKE & SCRAPE is a percussion instrument simulator dealing with instruments you shake or scrape and similar noises.
P3RC! Dec 01 2023
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Dec 01 2023
Pretty good scrapper plugin from Quilcom. But the feature where you can turn off midi compatiazblity and use automation to scrape instead is honestly kinda annoying because it is needed for some sounds. and some of the tones are really unrealistic but I do think this does have some good use, even if its one of the less good Quilcom software synths
Guy Anonymo Jan 16 2023
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Jan 16 2023
this is absolute garbage. Nothing sounds like a decent shaker no matter what you do.
mnrv-ovrf-year-c Jul 21 2022
Jul 21 2022
This is *easily* the author's worst plug-in. Nothing sounds like shakes to me. Once I set up a sustaining sound using the modwheel and none of the chirps it created were locked tightly with the beat as I set up and expected. With magazineware version of Synthmaker I wrote a plug-in that does the same thing to pitch an oscillator... not very useful. This plug-in easily offset what was good about Brigit, Informant, PMS, Padulator etc. but more because of the DE it was developed in. This is just too large to consider as "percussion" plug-in. Those other ones I mentioned are far more enjoyable, better for 32-bit.