by Quilcom
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Quilcom 4DS is an effect plugin featuring a 4 delay system.

The 4 delays are independent, and the flexible input routing and level control matrix means you can interconnect the 4 delays in many different configurations to give a wide variety of regular and unusual delay-based sounds.

In addition there is an Analogue Emulation panel which is available for modifying the sound to simulate older tape-based echo units.

The plugin handles a stereo signal throughout, and each delay can be switched to swap left and right signals. This means that if you apply a mono signal to just one input you can create a wide field with the classic Ping-Pong panning effect.

There are two sinewave LFOs which can modulate the delays to provide wow and flutter effects, or chorus and flanging sounds. The amount and phase of each LFO signal can be adjusted on each delay to give a very dense chorus or flanging effect.

Since the delays are independent, each can be set to produce different delay-based effects, and their order in the signal path can be set with the delay input matrix.
junk mcnuggets Jun 19 2022
(5 / 5)
Jun 19 2022
sweet! looks like quite a bit of hard work went into this one too. Thanks so much, dude!