by LVC-Audio
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Win32 Win64 OSX
LVC-Meter includes a spectrum analyzer, stereo vectorscope, and a waveform history view

All of the meters utilize true-peak monitoring for determining intersample peak levels (i.e., “overs”).  In addition, LVC-Meter functions in EBU mode, K-System metering, and standard dBFS mode.

LVC-Meter includes three simple but valuable controls: GAIN, BALANCE, and WIDTH.  Both the GAIN and BALANCE controls have extra fine settings accessible by right-clicking on the knobs.  These extra settings allow for precise gain and balance adjustment.  Perfect for a final gain stage.
  • Adjustable true-peak level for visualizing overs.
  • Resizable interface.
  • User configurable colors.
  • Configurable spectrum analyzer settings (e.g., window type, fft size, overlap).
  • FloatDither: 32-bit dithering based on Chris’s work at Airwindows.
  • XML-based preset system for saving, importing, and exporting user presets.