Wave Observer
by Press Play
4.5 / 5     (2 votes)
Win64 OSX
Wave Observer is an oscilloscope and monitoring plug-in for time-domain audio analysis.

It visually supports mixing, mastering and sound design by offering a number of unique features.

Two different observer modes allow distinct types of monitoring. The envelope mode offers long sweep times suitable for the analysis of the shape of envelopes and signal dynamics. The waveform mode allows you to view individual waveforms and oscillations by activating a specifically developed stabilization algorithm.
  • Smooth continuous presentation of input signals (left, right and stereo).
  • Wide zoom range (from one sample per pixel up to four seconds for the whole view).
  • Stabilization algorithm for fixing single waveforms on screen.
  • Freeze function including the ability to scroll through history.
  • Peak level meter.
  • Support for high-dpi / retina displays.
  • UI customization (window scaling and color themes).
Gab May 15 2023
(4 / 5)
May 15 2023
This one would be great IF: 1) it didn't reset its settings every time you open your project; 2) it had a black background option. Maybe in an improved V2...? :)
Dj Burlak Jan 20 2023
Jan 20 2023
Is ti gonna work native on Apple Silicon without rosetta ?
x4 Dec 20 2020
(5 / 5)
Dec 20 2020
Another useful tool from Press Play
Mike.V Dec 16 2020
Dec 16 2020
For some reason it doesn't load in Reaper or FL Studio.....
Lord Overhead Dec 16 2020
Dec 16 2020
Sorry because I do like this Dev. Yet as long as there are 4 hits on VirusTotal for the win.exe and 1 for the whole .zip. Furthermore WinDefender goes crazy while trying to download and install. This goes directly into the Trash bin, until the issues are solved. Also not the first who mentions this in a review. The Mac version seems fine though.
FSOK Dec 17 2020
Dec 17 2020
I wrote an almost exact message in KVR. I have been downloading vst's that make anti virus soft label this and that as dangerous but this one here made evrything start popping up red tabs to quarantine everything and restart my pc. I will also avoid this untill someone representing this product, cleares things.
Lord Overhead Dec 18 2020
Dec 18 2020
I was referring to your review on kvr, which seems gone now? However this should be taken care of somehow, seems odd not to deal with such an issue.
FSOK Dec 18 2020
Dec 18 2020
Indeed my KVR review is now gone. Not by me. Could be that it was my first post ever in there maybe? Maybe KVR did not see my comment as legit because i am a new account there? I don't know..I have been using vsts and roaming KVR for many years now. I simply created an account only lately, cause it is now obligatory to have an account in order to browse more than one page of plugins. Anyhow, my comment was honest and legit. It did make my Panda dome, go nuts. I sincerely hope this is a mix up or a glitch and not something serious. I am just being extra cautious.
VST4FREE Dec 18 2020
Dec 18 2020
Had no issues (files checked with BitDefender), install was smooth and it works like a charm...
Lord Overhead Dec 19 2020
Dec 19 2020
Thanks for checking it VST4FREE and good to know. Dont get my comment wrong here. The Developer has already offered some pretty good free vst in the past. Yet having VirusTotal and Windows Defender going bonkers is a bit weird. Would be nice to get a short statement from him and all is good.
VST4FREE Dec 19 2020
Dec 19 2020
I (we all) appreciate feedbacks like your one, nothing wrong. I reported my experience, just like you. So for me it's look like a false positive report from some anti-virus, happening often with new files, specially when it's about dll's...
x4 Dec 20 2020
Dec 20 2020
FSOK - The reason KVR deleted your "review" is because it wasn't really a review - you gave 1 star to a product based on a false antivirus alarm. You should have put it on the comments instead.
Lord Overhead Dec 21 2020
Dec 21 2020
Not sure? Can it be proven that it is just a false positive?
@x4 Dec 23 2020
Dec 23 2020
It is not proven that it is a false positive as you say. Is it? The fact that two different people, with two different anti virus software in their systems, saw their antivirus soft go nuts, is enough to make one extremely cautious about this plugin. I sincerely hope the creator will clarify this so everyone can feel 100% safe.Just like we feel safe with 90% of all other plugins out there.
Lord Overhead Dec 23 2020
Dec 23 2020
It is not only two different people and their antivirus soft, but also VIRUSTOTAL going nuts over the Win .exe & Zip - file. Would indeed be a good idea if the Developer might take care of this.
x4 Dec 24 2020
Dec 24 2020
So there are 4-5 hits on VirusTotal out of more the 70 anti-virus engines? it means that more than 65 engines found it legit. Many anti-viruses, incl. Win Defender, will flag unsigned installers and/or new programs as suspicious, but that doesn't make them dangerous. Anyway, you can always use a program like Universal Extractor to extract the .dll/vst3 files out of the installer, that's what I'm doing. I also have Windows Defender and it didn't flag the extracted files as viruses, so the problem is probably with the installer that is not signed. Personally I think developers should offer a manual installation option. Have a good day and happy Xmas :)