by SyncerSoft
3.7 / 5     (17 votes)
SubsTractor is created on base of the popular Propellerhead Reason soft synthesizer SubTractor.

Subtractor is an analog-type polyphonic synthesizer based on subtractive synthesis, the method used in analog synthesizers.
  • OSC section.
  • Filter section.
  • Modulator section.
  • External section.
  • Mixer section.
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beast toil Dec 10 2013
Dec 10 2013
I've used reason a lot, so I would have been able to compare the two, but couldn't even get it to load in ableton 9
?????? Apr 18 2012
(0 / 5)
Apr 18 2012
A load of rubbish, it gets results that are nothing like what you'd get in Subtractor.
deepwatermusic Jun 22 2010
(3 / 5)
Jun 22 2010
Keeps crashing in Sonar Producer! Since I have Reason, I don't use it.
faderlikesit Apr 03 2010
(5 / 5)
Apr 03 2010
I have Reason and use Subtractor a lot, so don't actually need this one. But it is a good alternative to Reason's soft synth and works just fine in Cubase. So, probably worth adding to your collection anyway and the price is right.