by MVX Synths
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AddIt is an 8 oscillator additive synthsizer with 4 typical waveforms and a dual SVF multimode filter.

Takes advantage of its modulation capabilities segmented in.

A - Amplitude
P - Pitch
B - Stereo balance.

Too few preset programmed, but they sound different compared to any other MVX stuff thanks to the added layers that provide extra timbres that can be dynamically modulated with each of its 3 LFO & 3 ADSR.

It is not intended to create just typical additive stuff like Drawbars or typical organs. The modulated parameters gives a chance to create unique sounds to leave behind the limitations of the subtractive synthesis.
Mario Nov 19 2020
(5 / 5)
Nov 19 2020
A real good work. Low CPU usage. Very good for analog orchestral string sounds.
wikter@MVXSynths Jun 15 2021
Jun 15 2021
Hi, thanks for testing AddIt. The idea was to create a very tweakable Additive synth with all the controls in the same window. Its possibilities go far from strings or pads, but of course it's a great plugin. Maybe the only one I use today created by me.