by Analog Obsession
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Win64 OSX
FetDrive is a line amp / driver with extra tone and blend features.
  • Drive : It will rise your input level (with gain compensation) and will saturate your signal. Input range is really extended to get more drive!
  • Tone : Tone will shape your source before drive section. So, it's Pre-Tone Control. This will let you decide which frequency range will be saturated.
  • Mix : Will blend dry and wet signal.
  • Output : Final output stage after MIX knob.
  • Fet Symbol : It's regular bypass.
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JT3 Production Jan 03 2021
(5 / 5)
Jan 03 2021
Greetings! Another Great! Plugin by Analog Obsession. I put this 4th on my vocal chain: FetDrive really gives your vocal that Tube Sound especially when the only analog gear is an audio interface with a regular Phantom powered mic. Regular phantom powered mic= there's no tube preamp built inside the mic. So the FetDrive plugin emulates that warmth sound perfectly play around with the settings to fit your vocal needs.