by Xoxos
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Synsect uses a single sample impulse clock routed through a series of resonant filters to emulate the high frequencies produced by small insect bodies.
Erisian Oct 30 2019
Oct 30 2019
I have a handful of Xoxos synths and they are all awesome for natural and semi natural sound effects. Now I'm off to create some new age music!
msea Aug 05 2013
Aug 05 2013
Neat. Would be good for a sci-fi soundtrack or something..
Dave G. Jun 12 2010
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Jun 12 2010
Quite impressive and almost perfect! Pretty natural sound.
Anonymous Apr 03 2010
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Apr 03 2010
I use this one a lot in combo with others also downloadable from this siteL RAIN, WIND, THUNDER...great for backgorund simulations of the insect world. Add a bit of processing and you can create 'alien soundscapes', alien critters, in alien elental environments. Google Alien Syndrome for audio examples to listen to.
SpyderX Aug 07 2009
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Aug 07 2009
I use this in conjunction with Little Critters to get amazing insect backgrounds. I run two instances of each synth with different patches and fade in and out between the four.