Mars JFD
by Vadim Taranov
4.4 / 5     (5 votes)
Win32 Win64
Mars JFD is based on Marshall AFD100 amp.

It will help you to get some Slash tones.
Mr. Cool Guy Oct 12 2023
(5 / 5)
Oct 12 2023
Really well done. Great amp sim. It definitely has that characteristic Marshall sound. Fantastic.
cyber_T Nov 26 2021
(5 / 5)
Nov 26 2021
This is simply a freeware gem. Many thanks to Mr. Taranov!
UndarZ Feb 10 2021
(2 / 5)
Feb 10 2021
Sounds bad no matter how it's tweaked. Way too much gain and too brittle
John Obvious Aug 26 2023
Aug 26 2023
You need to place an IR loader after it. Grab something like Lancaster Pulse or STL NadIR and then say the free Marshall IRs from Redwirez.
Rock`n`dres Nov 25 2020
(5 / 5)
Nov 25 2020
The 32 bits version works and sounds really good. Reaper can`t read the 64 bits version. It`s a good JCM sound with treble boost and low noise at high gain. With some good IR you can get very close to that heavy Marshall`s sounds you have inside your head. Five stars!
John Obvious Aug 26 2023
Aug 26 2023
64-bit version works perfectly in Reaper. You must have some setup issue.
RW Sep 10 2023
Sep 10 2023
64 bit version dont work for me either in mixcraft, only 32s