by Xoxos
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Rain is a low CPU emulation using subtractive synthesis.
Peter Jan 06 2020
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Jan 06 2020
It generate good sound for old game-retro, but not new. Now is 2020 and we have better quality as NI Konkat example, has natural instruments. Bellow is one of the Library with weather vst plugin; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6pwNi5SuxY
ITrapTraps Jul 09 2019
Jul 09 2019
Great synth if you know what you're doing. Tweak it to get a good base sound, then slap a lowpass with some wet reverb. It sounds incredibly realistic.
poly Aug 20 2016
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Aug 20 2016
If you combine this into the final mix it makes for some interresting grain. very lofi, kinda reminds me of old playstation games.
Tim Feb 16 2012
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Feb 16 2012
Some decent sounds. Most are synthetic sounding.
paul p Apr 13 2011
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Apr 13 2011
This is really great, I have had it for a few years it sounds real.
faderlikesit Apr 03 2010
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Apr 03 2010
Depending how you 'fit it into a mix' this one can be very convincing. There are a few other similar vsti's that can be used in combo with this one, wind and thunder, and even one called synsect, which, when used together, can create useful soundscapes. Naturally, if you want truly convincing natural element sounds, then go out with a pocket field recorder and record your own. Otherwise, these will do just fine, especially if you don't want things to be, well, as realistic as the real thing. Whatever the case, it's free, and worthwhile adding to your collection of sound tools. Also of use to anyone doing video and needs sound fx generators. I've been using this one, along with the ones called WIND THUNDER and SYNSCET for quite some time now, in my WEIRD PRODUCTIONS and FRACTAL music. Don't underestimate the usefulness of the simpler vsti's, this one included!
SpyderX Aug 07 2009
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Aug 07 2009
I've had this in my "environmental effects" VSTi folder for over a year and have used it a number of times. If you tweak it just right it makes fairly convincing rain sounds.
Jack May 10 2009
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May 10 2009
I think most of the presets sound like noise but if you pick the right preset and ad a little reverb and a little phase for a slight wind effect it sound great!
Ludovic Mar 09 2009
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Mar 09 2009
Yeah, this sounds nothing like rain. If you want a good noise gen, then this is a sub-par one.
phi May 06 2012
May 06 2012
I don't agree with Ludovic, some of the presets really do sound like rain. Others sound like fire and some like sub-par noise ;)