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Breezy Day is a simple wind chimes rompler.

Sampled from the actual instruments pictured.

Plays either at the original sampled pitch, or across a tuned region.

Upward and downward sweeps of the small chime tree are included at 3 speeds.
Erisian Aug 02 2022
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Aug 02 2022
Thanks Malaclypse.
koshi Feb 20 2022
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Feb 20 2022
Simple but works fine.
Mal-2 Aug 25 2021
Aug 25 2021
I have ported this to SFZ and released it as version 2.21.08. Key/sample assignments remain the same, but transitions between velocity layers are completely smooth (which wasn't possible in Maize or I would have done it all along). The list of all my instruments (both SFZ and Maize) is linked from my Bandcamp page, through the "album" devoted to BJAM demos. Licensing has also been clarified (as with all my instruments) to explicitly state that there are NO CONDITIONS on your sound creations whatsoever, and the MIT license applies only to redistribution of the software.
Earloswirl Jan 28 2021
Jan 28 2021
Lopes Mar 29 2021
Mar 29 2021
Why not?
Mal-2 Aug 16 2021
Aug 16 2021
Because I needed it for "Ganymede". https://mal-2.bandcamp.com/track/ganymede