Modern Deluxe
by lostin70s
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Win32 Win64 OSX
Modern Deluxe is a modern amp with a classic British sound.

Clean, crunch and more crunch! The pre-amps are nothing more than a capture of my personal amp, it's a purple English amp that mixes modern and vintage features.

The hardware version has only one channel and a light stack, so I added a channel and a 5-bands equalizer (like on the MKII) very effective.

The amp takes over the cab and reverb of the Tone Deluxe. Big news: the pedalboard (which will grow over time for sure).
  • Two channels each one with two preamp gains, a mid-boost and a boost.
  • A pedalboard with 5 super efficient stomps, no need to disconnect cables to test the positions of the stomps.
  • 44100Hz, 48000Hz, 88200Hz, 96000Hz, 176400Hz and 192000Hz compatible. Plugins tested under Logic and Reaper.
  • The distortion responds to the volume of the guitar.
  • Based on the capture of my favorite tube am.
  • Two models of reverb springs.
  • 12 cabinet models (1x12, 2x10, 2x12, 4x12) which reproduce the sound characteristics of the most famous cabinets.
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Gwugluud Oct 22 2020
(1 / 5)
Oct 22 2020
The GUI is too large. I'm seeing I'm guessing, 28% of the VST. No way to adjust the size. Utterly useless... This must be a random gag this site plays on people, right?
Matt Sep 17 2020
Sep 17 2020
Hi. Please, please, don't make your plugin UIs so large that they don't fit on smaller screens... In this case, the plugin is so high that it doesn't fit on my normal-sized 15" laptop (Lenovo S540). At the very least, please provide some option (in the top left corner, obviously) to resize the plugin? Please, always aim to make your plugins compatible with as many devices as possible, i.e., the smaller UI the better. Thanks! P.S. I cannot possibly comment on the sound, as I cannot reach all the controls.
cyber_T Sep 07 2020
(5 / 5)
Sep 07 2020
Wow, it sounds really "british" and the built-in IR-collection delivers high quality. Thanks to the developer! BTW: A function for a (much more) smaller GUI would be the ice on the cake - especially for laptop-users ;)
Dodgy Licks Aug 20 2020
(5 / 5)
Aug 20 2020
Superb! Thank you LIS