by Xoxos
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A 2d square resonance for percussion.
P3RC! Sep 11 2023
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Sep 11 2023
This is amazing for proper metallic percussion although I do wish I could make the decay much longer.
Max Jun 01 2018
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Jun 01 2018
Great VSTi for hollow percussion sounds. Well worth the download. Has several options for striker (top) and surface (middle section of GUI) to shape the timbre. According to the manual, the plugin models percussive resonances by feeding an impulse signal into a feedback delay network. The impulse is triggered by playing one of the MIDI keys C2 through G2 (semitone steps), and each of these notes is connected to one of the first eight XY-pads. Unfortunately, there is no visual feedback on the GUI when a note is triggered, so you have to remember which pad goes with which note (first row, then second row). XY-coordinates in each pad determine the playing position on a virtual drum surface, being more resonant and with a longer decay in the center, and more short and dry on the edges. Sliding the knob of the ninth XY-pad while any of the notes are playing creates a noise that sounds similar to dragging fingers on the drum skin. Parameters, including XY-pad positions, can be linked to a MIDI controller and were also easy to automate in FL Studio 12. Having a 64-bit version would be nice.
Vanadio Jun 10 2013
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Jun 10 2013
Molto utile. Geniale!
worn808 Feb 17 2010
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Feb 17 2010
This is an incredible piece of software. Take time to get to know it well and it will serve you forever. I use it for drum sounds that remind me of the water-filled drums used in Jon Hassel recordings.