by Xoxos
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Universe is a spectral domain synthesizer.

It is inspired by cepstral resynthesis, which separates "source" signals from "resonances" in the spectral domain.

This process breaks spectral data into four arrays: magnitude, frequency, and phase of the source, and magnitude of resonances. Instead of deriving these four arrays from sample analysis, Universe populates them using contours.
Back 242 Jul 30 2020
(4 / 5)
Jul 30 2020
Crashed but only when I used the overlap control, otherwise OK. Now Xoxos always tries new synth methods and this one is no different. Sounds a bit like a 'thin D50', digital but wierdly evolving. You need to add FX and it'll make something interesting for ambient or sountrack stuff. Thanks Xoxos.
Illford Jul 05 2020
Jul 05 2020
My only question is why their VSTs aren't 64-Bit
Anonymous Jul 09 2020
Jul 09 2020
Because this is likely a SynthEdit creation I reckon. I'm pretty sure SynthEdit itself never made it to 64-bit itself and savvy developer switched over to an alternative environment like Flowstone.
bindlestiff Jul 05 2020
(2 / 5)
Jul 05 2020
Yeah, I WANTED to like this, I like the quirky angle this developer takes, some interesting atmospheric elements to be had there. This is SUPER GLITCHY though, not in a GOOD way. Freezes, sound drops out CONSTANTLY. Only a couple presets is fine, I've caught the joy of knob tweaking, but they don't reveal much dynamic range for the very few on offer. Every time I would coax an OK sound out, this would freeze, crash, -no more custom preset, waste of time/PSYCH!. Maybe they are just getting sent off..., nah this dev is cool, this just needs a little beta?! I appreciate the effort, but this needs work...
Reticular Jun 02 2022
Jun 02 2022
I pressed the dl button, off we go
Herregods Jul 05 2020
(3 / 5)
Jul 05 2020
Intéressant les sons très métalliques et variés.