by Xoxos
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A waveguide drum model.

As shown on gui with 4 'snare' vectors. This low number is closer to a gut snare eg. Tabor than modern snares, both may have similar damping dynamics.
Brian O'Blivion May 08 2022
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May 08 2022
The people leaving negative reviews must be braindead. This plug-in is great! Yes, it sounds quite synthetic, rather than like a real snare drum. Even better in my book. There are so many parameters to tweak, so many sonic possibilities. I really think most of these idiots that complain are only using preset]ys and never try to create their own sounds. Yeah, some xoxos plugins install with sparse presets. Who cares!!? The whole point of an instrument like this is to EXPERIMENT!! Start tweaking and make your own sounds! If you want static, pre-made sounds, use a ROMpler.
Ersin Sep 12 2021
(2 / 5)
Sep 12 2021
Sounded more like a alloy darbuka I bought in the past over amazon. Don't put your expectations up too high on this one. Really not worth the time spent.
Oxyde Cyrcle Aug 27 2020
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Aug 27 2020
Thanks, I Thinks I replay DRUM.
Rockkley Apr 04 2020
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Apr 04 2020
This snare is not real, it's electronic
Johnny C Note Aug 02 2017
Aug 02 2017
It still blows my mind that these plugins are free. xoxos plugs are one of the reasons I've stuck with Windows for music production for years. It's plugins like this that still inspire creativity within me while using computers for songwriting. To be honest, most of the bigger commercial plugs bore the hell out of me, xoxos blows most of them away. I think xoxos' genius shines the most brightly in their percussive instruments. They sound so good, especially for digital VST's!!
Anonymous Jul 03 2016
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Jul 03 2016
Death Metal Boy Sept 11 2012
(0 / 5)
Sept 11 2012
Sounds nothing like a real snare.
bozosondabus Jun 26 2011
Jun 26 2011
Hoo boy... does this one suck. If you want snap, do it with yo fingas man, cos this one ain't gonna cut it!
sdfh Apr 26 2010
(2 / 5)
Apr 26 2010
Where the fuck is the snappyness?
Roby Dec 31 2009
(3 / 5)
Dec 31 2009
Nice... But not the greatest ...3