by 12bitz
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XS-707 is a rompler made out of a TR-707 kit sampled from an EMU EMAX 12 bit sampler.

Excessively sampled on 127 velocity layers for each drum element to capture the sound of the Emax fine analog filter.

It was recorded using an analog graphic EQ to boost some good frequencies, ending up in a tube preamp to add some warmth…
  • 1905 samples – 24 bit 44100 Hz. (440 MB unzipped)
  • 127 velocity layers.
  • 16 assignable outputs.
  • -/+ 2 pitch bend knob control.
  • LP/HP filter.
Zip includes both VST2 and VST3 formats.
Mac Catalina users : this plugin will probably not be authorized.
rek Jul 07 2022
Jul 07 2022
It would be nice if the volume could be controlled by velocity or if the velocity curve was adjustable.
John Burns Aug 06 2021
(5 / 5)
Aug 06 2021
Very cool. Very fat and warm compared to some of these x0x romplers which often have a really transient, harsh feel. Very hip-hopy. I suspect they could have use 1/10 as many samples and we wouldn't notice a difference though.
Codesound Apr 21 2021
(5 / 5)
Apr 21 2021
Have you considered porting for linux/debian ? PLEASE!!!
WILMER Jun 08 2020
Jun 08 2020
Holger May 14 2020
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May 14 2020
It seems there is a bug in the routing Option, but that's not that bad at all. I began to use this Plugin for all my EDM drum Sounds.
Another almost-great VST May 13 2020
(4 / 5)
May 13 2020
This little drum synth surprised me. Personally I love the way the velocity seems to be attached to the filter, giving the drums not only different volume levels but different character at different velocities. And I greatly appreciate that you can route each drum to its own channel, a feature sorely and inexplicably missing in way too many drum vsts. However, there appears to be a bug with Snare Drum 1 -- no matter what channel I route it to (in Reaper 6), it always plays out of channel 1. All the others are fine. Not a huge issue, but one I'd hope to see fixed. Otherwise, pretty solid.
Actually.... May 14 2020
May 14 2020
Actually, I take that back about just Snare Drum 1 being broken w the routing. The routing in general seems to be buggy. I tried to work around SD1 only coming out of Channel 1 (despite being set to Ch 2 say) by just assigned the SD's to Channel 1, and switching the BDs to 2. Once I did that, BD2 started only playing out of Channel 1 no matter what it's set to, but it seems like it was fine previously. I'm not sure exactly what's up, but the routing to channels definitely seems to be buggy.
Vov4ik May 13 2020
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May 13 2020
Наконец-то! Я долго ждал свободного, многоканального эмулятора TR-707. Отлично!
Big Mike May 09 2020
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May 09 2020
Cool. Thanks.
Госконтроль Apr 26 2020
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Apr 26 2020
Real word Apr 13 2020
(2 / 5)
Apr 13 2020
1905 samples ?
Seth Apr 13 2020
Apr 13 2020
15 drum elements X 127 velocity layers / element = 1905 samples. At least they acknowledged that it was "excessively sampled".
someone Apr 13 2020
Apr 13 2020
"I recorded all the 127 velocity layers from each drum element to capture the sound of its fine analog filter." (The EMU EMAX filter, off course)
ctho Apr 14 2020
Apr 14 2020
That's how romplers, like Nexus, work, they're all sample based