by Analog Obsession
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Win64 OSX
Harqules is a 4-band vintage equalizer.

Renowned for its colorful, smooth high-end response, and friendly! True Component & Circuit Modeling

Re-drawing and designing original circuit carefully and emulated original fingerprint of gear with our technology. Carefully designed transformers and op-amps. Fully emulated line-amps,filters,eq.

  • HP-LP: Legendary active high-pass and low-pass filter with 12 dB/Octave shape.
  • BANDS: Four-bands with variable gain and sweepable frequency. Auto-adjust Q with its own special design. Very musical with even with highest boost.
  • BELL: Controls low band's shape bell to shelf.
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Cyem Dec 23 2020
(5 / 5)
Dec 23 2020
Great sound
IRAK Apr 12 2020
(4 / 5)
Apr 12 2020
Very good plugin. Good sounding.