Scorpion Multitap
by Flandersh Tech
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Scorpion Multitap is a semi-modular multitap delay.

It has separate delay lines for each channel with 8 taps. Each of the taps can be fed into another tap or the input.

Comes with an independent filtered feedback section for creative feedback and filtering use.

Antonio Apr 14 2020
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Apr 14 2020
Blank guide here too. Just some holes for the conections. VSTHost, Reaper and Bandlab Cakewalk.
Erisian Mar 07 2020
Mar 07 2020
I tried it in Vst host and it emitted a dreadful wailing noise as soon as it opened. Still no GUI other than grey with sockets.
Erisian Mar 08 2020
Mar 08 2020
Sorry, the wailing noise was caused by Vst Host not the plugin. It does the same whenever I open any effect. Is anybody else not getting a GUI with this?
Erisian Mar 03 2020
Mar 03 2020
Using Cakewalk By Bandlab, I'm not getting the full GUI, just grey with sockets and patch cords. Tried the presets and none of them are working. I hope this can be made to work because I think it is an awesome idea.