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LittleArpy is a monophonic arp/sequencer.

It takes one note as input and shifts it's pitch according to a sequence, it DOES NOT collect notes from a chord being played and arpeggiate them.

I made this after trying to recreate the "shimmering waterfalls" sound from Ozric Tentacles which can be heard easily on their song Crackerblocks. Unfortunately, it's difficult to achieve so I made LittleArpy instead.

The shimmering waterfalls sound can be approximated by making a minor or major sounding sequence and running it at fast speeds (1/64-Dot) through delay and a reverb with mostly only the wet signal on, then moving the Bandpass Filter around.

Anonymous Apr 24 2020
Apr 24 2020
These get one of Windows' irritating unmovable .db files in Windows immediately when other plugins do not. This causes them to be pretty hard to move after unzipping them. Kind of a pain. Haven't used them yet.
Rubba Apr 02 2020
(4 / 5)
Apr 02 2020
What a play machine with neat sound wow. What would make it ever greater is midi out.
bindlestiff Feb 09 2020
(4 / 5)
Feb 09 2020
I already have beaucoup monophonic arps and sequencers thanks to this here nifty site, but my experience with TED products so far, being superb, I am hitting download instantly. I am guessing that the chorus/delay/reverb/phaser tools you just released are part of this Ozric experiment as well?, so they go in the bag too...
Erisian Feb 09 2020
Feb 09 2020
Love the Ozrics. That alone made me download this!