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PHZ-FLNG-CHRS is 3 common modulation FX combined into one (Phaser->Flanger->Chorus).

The Phaser and Flanger both have the ability to be used statically (with a fixed pitch). The Chorus is special because it uses a special type of pitch shifting as opposed to modulating a delay line.
Chris Jul 19 2020
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Jul 19 2020
Wow. Finally decided to try this out and it is so great. I think this is the best free plugin I've ever downloaded. Very intuitive. This is extremely useful for everything.
Chris Jul 20 2020
Jul 20 2020
EDIT: I loved the idea and ease of use, but sadly this caused a crash within FL studio. Not sure why or if it will happen again, but I've never had any other plugin cause this so I am going to have to let this go out of caution. Another thing is that it doesn't appear to work by itself and requires the other files in the folder to function, which might be the reason or maybe it was a processing overload of the vst itself.
Martin Jul 04 2021
Jul 04 2021
Before you throw out the plugin could you confirm that the plugin was the cause of the crash? From experience with using FL Studio since Fruity Loops Studio 8 days, FL Studio tends to crash when loading 3rd party VST in a complex project using loads of plugins while playback is happening.
Ed Feb 09 2020
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Feb 09 2020
This thing is different than most and sounds great!
Anonymous Feb 09 2020
(5 / 5)
Feb 09 2020
Good sound quality, but a manual would have been nice, as the user interface is a little bit unusual and - for me - not really in all aspects self explanatory.