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AFX is a drum sampler that works with sf2 files.

This drum machine has 8 slots, each of these slots has an EQ section , a distortion station and a state variable filter.

Soundbanks  provides acoustic samples transformed in the digital world in order to create unique sounds:
  • Bassdrums.
  • ClsHats.
  • Cymbals.
  • Digital snares.
  • OpHats.
  • Snares.
  • Toms.
ATTENTION: you might need to install "Microsoft Visual C++ 2015/2017 Redistributable".
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StoneTheMason Mar 25 2024
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Mar 25 2024
Would be great if it allowed me to change the velocity in the piano roll to make drums louder and quieter. But no. this plugin is NOT velocity sensitive. And it's a real shame. Because it's what I needed. But now I can't use it.
Кафе-бар "Академия". Aug 30 2021
Aug 30 2021
Стесняюсь спросить, а Wav - файлы поддерживает?
Noplace Jun 11 2021
Jun 11 2021
You guys are extremely doing great
sandman Feb 25 2020
Feb 25 2020
hi i couldn't get this to work in reaper 5.99 portable. I downloaded the MS product. Soundfonts are okay, though (accessing them thru another soundfont player). Would love to try this. Any suggestions?
beatassist.eu Feb 26 2020
Feb 26 2020
did you installed c++ redistributable 2015/2017? download the full pack at https://www.beatassist.eu
ksavHOMEworks Feb 10 2020
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Feb 10 2020
haha...people write crap...instead of saying > THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK AND FOR SHARING YOUR RESULT FOR FREE <3
beatassist.eu Feb 10 2020
Feb 10 2020
;) ... tkx
cyber_T Feb 11 2020
Feb 11 2020
I completly agree with "ksavHOMEworks"! Thanks to "beatassist.eu" for the generous development and sharing of music-software for free.
Feb 27 2020
Word Thanks for the VST's from everyone
AtmanActive Feb 04 2020
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Feb 04 2020
It is NOT working properly for standard SF2 drum set banks. The left-right arrows are for changing the program, same as the drop-down where program name is. But, pitch wheel is for changing the note played ?!? The whole machine is missing one more set of left-right arrow buttons per channel: to select the note played in the SF2 file itself. I know that SF2 banks included are made like a simple sample where one sound is pitched up and down, and, then, in that case, it is working correctly. But, 90% of SF2 drum set banks in the world are NOT built like that. Instead, they are built like: note C3 is a bass drum, note D3 is a snare drum and so on. In current setup, unless one only wants to use supplied SF2 banks, the method of choosing the note (sound) in a SF2 file is to tweak the pitch knob, which is cumbersome, makes navigation extremely hard. Because of all that, the real changing of pitch is impossible. So, you can either use the supplied SF2 banks and then it kind-of works correctly, or if you want to use any of the standard world-wide SF2 drum set banks, you are crippled. Also, all channels are monophone?!? This is a good idea and a good start but it needs a LOT more work to make it usable.
beatassist.eu Feb 04 2020
Feb 04 2020
Hi... the VST is supposed to work with the banks i provide... not the banks you find in the internet!
ritchie26 Feb 07 2020
Feb 07 2020
BEATASSIST offers free high quality plugins. THANK YOU AND LONG LIFE TO BEATASSIST. A french user
beatassist.eu Feb 07 2020
Feb 07 2020
ritchie26 ....thanks
Михалыч Feb 02 2020
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Feb 02 2020
Жаль, но банк маловат. - Хотелось бы по болше банков. и РАЗНЫХ!!! - ЖДЁМ.