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June-21 is a Roland Juno / MKS-50 emulation.

June-21 can read and play Juno 1 / 2 MKS-50 presets. The emulator includes Juno 2 factory "Preset" and "Memory" bank tones. Many tones can be found on the web, in a form of a .SYX bulk dump extracted from synths.

The text and schematics are partly inspired by the original Juno-2 documentation. The look of the GUI is obviously inspired by the Roland PG-300.

Nota Bene: June-21 is still in development and is not a perfect emulator, so some tones can be far from the real thing and some won’t work (but some can be very accurate and pleasing!). As of now (Dec 2019) some things are not implemented : Portamento, chord memory, octave transpose : not done yet Aftertouch : won’t be done (at least by me) as my own Juno-2’s aftertouch is not working.

makke Sep 26 2023
Sep 26 2023
Using LMDE 5; unzipped it and copied the files into my .vst, vst3 and lv2 folders (just like all the other synths i use). June21 does not show up, neither in Ardour 6 nor in Qtractror, nor in Bespoke Synth. Any ideas how to get it running?
Not working Feb 26 2023
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Feb 26 2023
Using FL21, neither the VST3 nor the dll is working.
Forrest H Nov 29 2022
Nov 29 2022
In REAPER the Linux version comes up as a VST instrument, but the Windows version as a VST effect. Configurations for the latter will load in the former, but not vice versa.
Tom Sands Feb 18 2022
Feb 18 2022
Trying to make it run on Cubase 11 64-bit, tried the trick with copying libjs.dll and csound.64 to win32 and win64 but June-21 is still not available as an instrument. Anyone successful?
John Burns Jul 29 2021
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Jul 29 2021
Seems like an ok plug but it could benefit from more intuitive design and more user friendly features (e.g. having the presets pre-loaded).
Roland Mar 21 2021
Mar 21 2021
June21 ist on the blacklist on Cubase A10 , it supports no 32bit plugins ?! Strange and a pity.
Graham Dec 20 2020
Dec 20 2020
The oops and arpeggiator patches crash the stand alone and plugin.
Reticular Oct 21 2020
Oct 21 2020
I see that author of this vst is active, so i am gona write how i fixed problem of June-21 vst not working on my FL Studio 11(Windows 7 64) and showind wierd signs on the plugin screen. I took June 21 vst folder from a random place from before to: C:/ProgramFiles/Steinberg/VST plugins. I opened standalone version, went to options and made changes that were needed for it to play as a standalone). Also after that i coppied files libjs.dll and csound.64 to c:/windows/System32 and also c:/windows/sysWOW64 (Those are default places frere windows runtime libiraries are installed, solved a few problems that way with dll-s) Went back to daw, opened vst and it played right away, no problems! Cheers
Linus Jan 22 2021
Jan 22 2021
Which Vst folder did you mean, should I move to program/Steinberg/vst ? There are no folder in that download zip
Reticular May 01 2021
May 01 2021
libjs.dll and csound.64 are files that are in June21 folder, but they should be copied to a Windows32 and wow64 folders on a c disk
gui3 Oct 09 2020
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Oct 09 2020
The standalone version sound AWESOME but I can't import the VST in ableton (the parent folder is my custom VST2 AND VST3 folder but the plugin won't come up in the plugins section)
Paul May 11 2020
May 11 2020
Crashes reason 10 straight on loadup.
mikeordd May 31 2020
May 31 2020
Did you try the new version 0.9.6 ?
MartyP Apr 28 2020
Apr 28 2020
One of the best sounding VST synths for me with user-friendly interface. I'll wait for the next version. Standalone version (v0.9.6) doesn't detect ASIO. Seib's SAVIHost works well. "Just copy" installation - FL Plugin Manager detects plugin but shows "error", Ableton sees nothing. Installed version - FL Plugin Manager thinks that it is VST effect, Ableton thinks that it is Audio. Tested on Windows 7, i5, FL 20, Live 10, Traktor Audio.
uncinematographable Apr 24 2020
Apr 24 2020
This works but it adds extra dll files to my vst plugin scan. That is not something other vsts have done to me. You are standing out with that. I like to keep my vstplugin scan clean with no non working plugins, unfortunately the extra dlls are necessary for the plugin to work. Maybe try a different route?
miekrodd May 31 2020
May 31 2020
Would it be better if the DLL is in a subdirectory ?
Graham Dec 20 2020
Dec 20 2020
It would be worth a try having the extra, non plugin, dll's in a sub folder.
Hopefully waiting for a working vst Apr 13 2020
Apr 13 2020
Looks very promising, but am I getting it right that Juno-21 is only working as standalone on Windows? I've tried the vst in Ableton on Windows 10, but he didn't recognized it. Keep up the good work!
vst pro Apr 05 2020
Apr 05 2020
interesting vst... but no sound on fl studio 20
Chris Apr 12 2020
Apr 12 2020
At my system, also no sound in FL 20, the sound display shows crazy signs. If I open the standalone of June 1, it works, but how to integrate into the DAW?!
Reticular Oct 21 2020
Oct 21 2020
Not sure what OS you are using. It was showing crazy display to mee too, and no sound. Here is what i did: FL Studio 11/ Windows 7 64* I moved June21 vst folder from a random place to c:/progfile../Steinbe../VST plug.. Took libsl.dll and csound64.dll from the june21 folder and coppied them to c:/Windows/System32 and also c:/Windows/SysWOW64 (those are default places where windows runtime libiraries are installed). After that, opened my daw, loaded June21 and it played right away, no problem. Not sure if moving it fixed the problem, or both of the "tricks" i did. Cheers
EPL Jan 22 2022
Jan 22 2022
Worked like a charm. Thanks!!!
OSYNT Feb 19 2023
Feb 19 2023
Thanks a lot Reticular. Good advice
jimmy Jan 31 2020
Jan 31 2020
Crashes after a while fruity loops + windows
audio on Linux Jan 16 2020
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Jan 16 2020
Thanks for the Linux version :)
Erisian Jan 14 2020
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Jan 14 2020
Lovely sound on this. Works excellently in Cakewalk by Bandlab.
schnibbelkram Jan 14 2020
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Jan 14 2020
Overall a nice vst. Good for creating patches for the hardware synth, wich I own. But i have some audio issues with the plugin. One voice always has like a high bell/plug sound to it, wich should not be there.
Mikerodd Jan 16 2020
Jan 16 2020
Yes it's a bug, eisbaer23 nailed it, if you want to try, just download the last version of the .csd file :-) Or wait for the next version in few days
eisbaer23 Jan 26 2020
Jan 26 2020
Please use the latest 0.9.4 version, it fixes sooo much stuff. :)
PSY-LION Jan 12 2020
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Jan 12 2020
Does not work...
mikerodd Jan 12 2020
Jan 12 2020
Could you tell me more ? (plateform, system) ? This way I could fix it
TA-AT Jan 12 2020
Jan 12 2020
When installing in the vst folder I then go to open the program in my DAW and it just stalls then crashes the DAW.
Linux_User Jan 13 2020
Jan 13 2020
Doesn't seem to work in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS: I tried with Reaper and Ardour, but both DAWS couldn't recognise the .so file... I hope you will be able to fix it in the next updates, it looks a very nice vst! Thanks for developing it.
mikerodd Jan 15 2020
Jan 15 2020
I use Ubuntu 19.04 and ardour (Ardour 5.12.0, rev 1:5.12.0-3). there seem to be a problem with some version of ardour and Cabbage, can you give me your Ardour version ? => I'll input a bug on github to keep track of it (not sure where there problem is yet
Linux_User Jan 16 2020
Jan 16 2020
I use the same Ardour version, but the plugin doesn't show up, I only see its name flashing while Ardour is searching for new vsts.
Audio on Linux Jan 16 2020
Jan 16 2020
With me also did not appear in the reaper. I use zorin os lite, based on ubuntu 18.04 .. Thanks a lot for the plugin, it will be very good in my projects, I will follow your work .. :)
mikerodd Jan 18 2020
Jan 18 2020
could one of you test another Cabbage plugins (for instance https://github.com/T0NIT0RMX/ToneZ) This way I could understand if it's a Cabbage related issue ? Thanks :-)
TA-AT Jan 10 2020
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Jan 10 2020
Natious Jan 10 2020
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Jan 10 2020
Awesome sound
ok Jan 10 2020
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Jan 10 2020
Very nice