by Safwan Matni
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Ten Component vintage organ simulator.
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Elias Jul 20 2022
(5 / 5)
Jul 20 2022
This thing is awesome for being free. Put a low-pass filter and reverb on there and you are ready to make some epic sounds happen!
Anonymous Feb 19 2021
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Feb 19 2021
This particular instrument isn't really an organ, but more of a Mellotron-/Orchestron-/Optigan-type sample synth, perfect for that cheesy early '70s Europop sound. Think along the lines of Delia Derbyshire, or the early discographies of Kraftwerk and Wendy Carlos.
Orlando Souza Feb 25 2018
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Feb 25 2018
Muito show, obrigado por dedicar seu tempo para fazer algo que somará na vida de outras pessoas.
POS master May 27 2014
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May 27 2014
It might be okay if this and every other Safwan Matni plugin didn't sound like the samples were taken from 6th generation cassette duplicates converted to 32kbps MP3 then recorded using a webcam mic picking up audio from a pair of headphones turned up really loud across the room... with toilets flushing in the background.
Ron ronron Sep 25 2023
Sep 25 2023
Thanks, thats exactly what I was looking for
Anonymous Feb 12 2012
Feb 12 2012
DO not waste your time! There are better synths on this website
BoredMuso Jun 24 2010
(2 / 5)
Jun 24 2010
Don't want to be Mr.Negativity, but I ended-up dropping this and the other Safwan Matni stuff from my plug-ins folder, because they just weren't offering me anything fresh or original. I don't mind when presets don't sound anything like 'flutes' or 'guitars', or whatever, so long as they still sound interesting, but this just didn't do it for me. Sorry,guys.
yusef mou Feb 14 2009
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Feb 14 2009
Mate I'm all outta gas, catch me if you can, cause i'm the vst man, if you think this shit is wrong, you should check out FANTASI, now that's a real ORGAN, and the rest are VST's