by D10Labo
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Win32 Win64 OSX
ModSynthMono is a monophonic synthesizer inspired by EMS SynthiA, Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 and Oberheim Xpander.

It has Matrix modulation, usually, menu of matrix modulation is combo box parameter, but this has all pods of modulations. No preset, we recommend you make sound yourself.

Signal Path: OSC1 + OSC2 + NOISE → Wave Folding → Wave Shaping → HPF → LPF → Drive → AMP(ENV2).
  • Monophonic synthesizer.
  • 2 OSC (Sin, Tri, Saw, Pulse(50%-1% width) wave morphing) Noise.
  • 1 Wave Folding (added harmonics and aliasing noise).
  • 1 Wave Shaper (added harmonics and aliasing noise).
  • HPF 24db/oct Cutoff frequency, Resonance.
  • LPF 24db/oct Cutoff frequency, Resonance.
  • 1 LFO (SawUp, SawDown, Square, Tri, Sin, Random).
  • 1 ADR.
  • 1 ADSR ON OFF (if OFF is not infinity, envelop run by loop).
  • Matrix Modulation (src: osc2, LFO1, env1, env2, dst: osc1 pitch, osc1 wave, osc2 pitch, osc2 wave, wave folding, wave shaping, HPF cutoff, LPF cutoff).
  • There is a portamento and volume control.
  • Oscillator wave is anti-aliased.
  • All controls are on the panel.
  • Window is resizable.
Real word Oct 29 2019
(4 / 5)
Oct 29 2019
It's a sad shame when I see a synth full of potential with no room to store banks
Misanthrop Oct 11 2019
(0 / 5)
Oct 11 2019
Bullshit, how this shit cant be inspired by 3 total different synths. Fake.
Anonymous Oct 12 2019
Oct 12 2019
It could be if oscillator 1 is modeled after the EMS, Osc 2 after Prophet and the filters after Oberheim. Joking aside, this is a neat synth with a good sound and an intuitive UI, and the problem that many synths have with presenting and placement of the modulation matrix is solved well here (see the picture in the description). Can't say anything about how the influences show in the sound.
Nekro Dean Frogzwell Oct 20 2019
Oct 20 2019
Anonymous, That implementation of the modulation matrix is very EMS SynthiA-like in its relative simplicity compared to many other synthesizers. Granted it isn't the little pin system which the original features but that wouldn't make sense other than to look more like an EMS SynthiA but it would make the matrix more complex, A good few SynthiA inspired/emulated soft synths have bee created but incorporating a photorealistic GUI doesn't offer the speed of workflow the real thing does, This is a very decent implementation of a mod matrix which even an almost synth illiterate such as myself can easily understand and utilize. I really like that everything is displayed on the interface rather than having 20 odd damned virtual panels/tabs of controls to have to navigate through. As for if it sounds anything like any of the hardware pieces mentioned, That is really quite irrelevant to me personally. So long as I am able to get good, useful and useable sounds out of it is all that I really care about, The same goes with any/all plugin I end up reaching for depending on the task. Cheers and in short, Yes agrees with you