Stupider Simpler Sampler
by BipTunia
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Stupider Simpler Sampler from BipTunia Synths is by FAR the easiest to use sampler there is. It's stupid simple to use.

It's a 64-bit VST, drop-dead simple, and a heck of a lot of fun. It brings musical purity back to using samplers. Integrity. No distractions. No fancy fluffing. The real deal of sampling as the ancients practiced it, except in software, not hardware.

It's even easier to use and simpler than our simple sample VST, Stupid Simple Sampler, which is like Stupider Simpler Sampler, except Stupid Simple Sampler has ADSR controls. Stupider Simpler Sampler can handle any WAV sample, mono or stereo, any bit depth or sample rate.

It has ZERO controls, just the green square button that you press to chose your own sample.

It's an old-school style sampler, like back when things were not complicated. It's inspired by the tape samplers used by Pink Floyd in the 60s, and the hardware samplers used in rap in the early 80s.

Stupid Simple Sampler comes with 16 samples as presets. But you can add any samples you want, in the sub-folder at: StupiderSimplerSamplersamples.

You can change the color of the green sample picker button to anything you want, as long as you put it in the StupiderSimplerSampler folder, and it must be a 75x75 PNG file, with the file name of default__browse.png. (note there are two underscore in the middle, not one). I've included a red one and a white one in the folder for you. Just save the green one, then change the file name of the red or green one to default__browse.png.

Stupider Simpler Sampler uses very little memory. I've effortlessly run a project with 39 instances of Stupider Simpler Sampler.

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Anonymous Dec 09 2019
(2 / 5)
Dec 09 2019
Desenvolva um plugin e falhe miseravelmente é o que tenho pra descrever esse plugin podia quebrar galho pra certas daws mas os samples que coloco não fica no tom certo fica tudo fora do tom original