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MEQ is based on a modern classic equalizer, this EQ adds an airy shine to your tracks.
  • 4 band musical equalizer with -10/+10 dB gain.
  • 4 band 10 dB high boost.
  • -12/+12 output gain.
  • Sounds great on any source, especially vocals.
  • Windows 64 bit VST2 & VST3.
  • Free version: 10 Hz band is disabled & HIGH band set to 10 kHz only.
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Anonymous Aug 19 2021
Aug 19 2021
A poor mans emulation of the Maag Eq. Owning both this and the Maag Eq plugin, I would say it sound similar but not quite. Over all this plugin great when you wish to give vocals presence and high end. One thing that this plugin dosen't give is "air". The high end on this free eq goes up to 10k while the Maag goes up to 40k.