by Elena Design
1.4 / 5     (5 votes)
PERFormant is a sound designer-oriented formant vowel synthesizer/filter.

It is ideal to design realistic choirs or vocal solos (non-speech), can also be used creatively to design original synthetic sounds and textures.
  • 3-bands, non-resonating stereo formant filter bank with flat (Butterworth-like) response, for astonishingly realistic vowel synthesis.
  • 2 fully morphable datasets.
  • Fully automatable parameters.
  • The filter bank can be switched to process either the builtin synth or an external stereo signal.
  • Very advanced and carefully designed graphical user interface: bands controls overlaid on the builtin spectrum analyzer for visual feedback; jog-shuttles for accurate fine-tuning of the three frequency bands; global band shifter and bandwidth scaler.
  • Builtin stereo sawtooth-choir synthesizer (eight voices, six independent sawtooth oscillators plus stereo noise source) with extensive modulation controls; six independent LFO (sine or random) working in FM, AM or both; extensive Aftertouch support; monophonic glider with glide velocity scaling.
  • By design, need for external equalization is dramatically reduced / eliminated.
  • Naturally wide stereo output, no needs for external ambience simulators.
Note : this is a donationware using a nagscreen.
Vini Mar 17 2021
(4 / 5)
Mar 17 2021
Sounds great with the Dragonfly Reverb and some delay. A little lo-fi on it's own though, but if you like that 80s E-mu Emulator voice sound, it sounds just like that in some settings. The nag screen doesn't seem to interfere in it's functioning, so it's fine by me.
Erisian Apr 19 2020
(3 / 5)
Apr 19 2020
"Morally expected" is better than "must." It's free. There are better choir synths out there but stick a chorus and some delay on this and it's totally useable. I'll be keeping it.
PSY-LION Feb 07 2020
(0 / 5)
Feb 07 2020
Scam & low quality
returned Jun 21 2019
Jun 21 2019
If I must pay "expected to DONATE a MINIMUM AMOUNT of $45.49" to you and advertise for you. Then this is Not a free VST. It's shareware! I rate it 1/2 star because the vst is slow to change presets, the nag screen; But it looks nice. IN ANY CASE OF "published" MUSIC OR MEDIA CREATED EMPLOYING PER*FORMANT (EITHER COMMERCIALLY O NOT), THE PUBLISHER IS OBLIGED TO SPECIFY ITS USAGE AND A PROPER COPYRIGHT NOTICE<--
Thanos Aug 07 2019
Aug 07 2019
Like the world was waiting for Mr.Performant to make music. Or the romplers wouldn't provide a free alternative. 0/5 from me: the voices do not appear realistic, to consider spending even $1 on this.