by Elena Design
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TunedDelays is a delay-based harmonizer, capable of turning noises of any kind (from microphone noises to percussion lines) into musical material.
  • Can turn your microphone into a virtual guitar, turning "mic-strums" into guitar strums to produce incredibly realistic guitar lines.
  • 3 MIDI-controlled tuned-delay lines with individually adjustable tuning, amplitude, either positive or negative feedback and feedback damping.
  • Builtin multimode resonant output filter and intrinsic (adjustable) stereo chorus effect.
  • Convenient builtin input noise gate (differential) and lo-cut filter.
  • Sync-able LFO (can modulate pitch, amplitude and filter cutoff).
  • Full stereo processing.
Note : this is a donationware using a nagscreen.
wOffy Oct 01 2021
(1 / 5)
Oct 01 2021
Nag screen, with pretty average effects. Do not recommend
Apr 28 2021
i DID not even get to see the nag screen, the .dll does not even appear in vsthost, plus when u decompress the damn thing, it is packed with tons of little files, a cat would not recognise her own offsprings.... seems like an UNFINISHED vst FX, and ELENA, when u give it for free, u dont go about asking for an amount of money, u let people pay the amount as them want or can, or not....so I deleted it, but the TEXT was really EYES CATCHING, unfortunatly we cant do music with promesses that have nothing to back them up...
Sean Oct 17 2020
(4 / 5)
Oct 17 2020
Look, I get that nag screens are annoying, sure. but this plug-in is honestly pretty good for what it is. You're all being far too harsh.
U dont understand free Jun 22 2019
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Jun 22 2019
The nag screen is the source of negative feedback and feedback damping. We don't want that or being told how much we must pay for a free vst
vst quality control Jun 22 2019
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Jun 22 2019
Spoils the sites purity.. no nag screens and also there should be 32 bit options to all software.
dusstuiter Dec 26 2021
Dec 26 2021
You do know that 32bit is pretty outdated nowadays right? 64bit has started becoming a standard since like 2010/2012
alb Jun 21 2019
Jun 21 2019
Do you like being nagged every few minutes for 30 or 40 euros for a plugin that is resolutely average? Then this is for you. Since supposedly there is a "moral obligation" to pay, this really isn't a free useable VST. Unless you like clicking the "No" button every time you access it.
Anonymous Jun 21 2019
Jun 21 2019
could not get it to work? It is recognised in BUZZ as an instrument, rather than an effect.
AtmanActive Jun 20 2019
Jun 20 2019