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Oud Sound with Quarter Tone Control.
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omar Aug 03 2020
Aug 03 2020
Is this based on a specific maqam?
Anonymous Nov 10 2018
Nov 10 2018
Like it very much thank you for your efforts. تسلم ايدك
janice Sept 19 2012
Sept 19 2012
It's good. Some of the sounds can be a little unrealistic but it's good for holding down 1 note as part of the bass in a piece of music or as a rhythmical part but not for a lead part.
akhtar Sept 17 2010
Sept 17 2010
This is a really good vst.
Ghekorg7 May 17 2010
(5 / 5)
May 17 2010
Many oud samplers came along, but none has come closer to reality as this one, even Kontakt's one. Has this micro tuning system also and make his sound to take off !