T-Force Alpha Plus 2
by Mastrcode Music
3.7 / 5     (23 votes)
T-Force Alpha Plus 2 is a Trance gate synthesizer featuring the old Alpha Plus plus new enhanced features.

New graphical user interface: now you can change every single panel's background color individually in realtime inside your DAW.

New oscillator features: Drift Mode: every single oscillator now has a "drift" mode. You can add a slight adjustable phase and/or pitch drift to simulate the voltage inaccuracies of a vintage analog synth.

Better envelopes: envelope curves for attack, decay and release now can be adjusted from linear to exponential.

New filter with up to 14 different filter types.

New designed LFO's: the LFO's now can be switched to bipolar/unipolar. The start/triggering of the LFO's now can be delayed. The LFO's now have an attack mode for the LFO amount to let the modulation "fade in".

Enhanced Trance Gate: new UI for better worflow. The gate sequencer now has 3 retrigger modes: Host mode: the sequencer will be synced with the DAW's sequencer bars. 1st Note: the gate sequencer will be triggered by the first played note (e.g. when playing chords). All Notes: the gate sequencer will be triggered by every new pressed note.

Effects section: new phaser effect added. New enhanced distortion/saturation effect. New bitcrusher model. New designed reverb effect. New designed delay effect.

Polyphony settings: the overall polyphony can be changed manually by the user: Up to 1 - 128 voices. Up to 0 -128 additional reseve voices (to have reserve voices for long env releases before they will be cut by new new played notes). Voice stealing modes: hard steal, soft steal or overlap mode.
User Dec 25 2022
(1 / 5)
Dec 25 2022
Sounds stop working when using this plugin. Avoid using this plugin.
Dj Bhavesh official Jul 07 2022
(5 / 5)
Jul 07 2022
This is brilliant
MR May 26 2022
(4 / 5)
May 26 2022
This is really an amazing synth in terms of sound. However, it is buggy, which makes it unusable unless you save constantly, as you never know when it will get stuck on a screen and then you have to reset to the default sound to get the synth working again. ucj a shame too, as its sound it incredible.
Walkalone Jan 17 2022
(0 / 5)
Jan 17 2022
Doesn't run in Reaper on Win7 64 Bit ... All other Plugin's from you runnig fantastic, but this one crashed every time, ... sooo sad.
Anthony Apr 22 2021
(1 / 5)
Apr 22 2021
Enormous CPU overload/overheat (I have tested in FL Studio), very limited number of presets, lame GUI and bugs. A waste of time to put it simply.
GrapeApe Feb 17 2021
Feb 17 2021
Doesn't work anymore. Unfortunately I had to finally upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7 and now this plugin no longer works. This was one of my favs. Made a few cool downtempo EDMs with this too. If anyone has any idea how to get this to work I'd appreciate it. Oh, and I am using VSThost for the plugins: https://plugins4free.com/plugin/898/
GrapeApe Mar 15 2021
Mar 15 2021
UPDATE! I got it to work. Had to install Microsoft visual C++ redistributable package
Vassilios Jan 24 2021
(5 / 5)
Jan 24 2021
WoW! My DAW woke up from sleep!
sonnotas Dec 27 2020
Dec 27 2020
Will Dec 08 2020
(5 / 5)
Dec 08 2020
El mejor sintetizador gratuito de calidad que he probado en toda mi vida, pero hay un problema, tengo una carpeta de presets que cuando cargo en el plugin simplemente no lo hace, incluso ya he guardado algunos presets del mismo plugin, pero no me figura dentro de su lista de preajustes y tampoco cuando intento cargarlo de manera manual, le doy 5 estrellas pero la verdad no se si el problema sea del plugin o del DAW que uso, espero que alguen me pueda ayudar con eso.
Martin Jan 16 2020
Jan 16 2020
Problem when playing a pad midi on live 10 apart from that not a bad free synth
Tester Jan 02 2020
Jan 02 2020
GUI doesn't show for me either. It's in the latest version of LMMS. However the synth does work and produce sounds with the 15 presets, and the GUI does respond to clicks.
Stella Oct 12 2020
Oct 12 2020
Go to LMMS settings and change Plugin Embedding to "No Embedding" restart LMMS and it should work.
PoohBear Oct 15 2019
(4 / 5)
Oct 15 2019
Sounds great but the nothing at all on the GUI, totally blank in Reason 10 and 11. However I was able to load it with the GUI working via a bridge in Reason... Any ideas?
Tester Sept 05 2019
Sept 05 2019
Nothing. FL Studio and Live crash. Win 7 SP1 64bit (Intel HD 3000)
CTHO Nov 20 2019
Nov 20 2019
It's your system that's at fault,it works in every DAW i've tried it with, including FL and Live.
Tester Dec 29 2019
Dec 29 2019
Solved - missing update KB2670838. I like this plugin. 5/5
Abcd Aug 13 2019
(5 / 5)
Aug 13 2019
This is gold. The bad reviews are because it apparently doesn't work everywhere, but it works for me and I think it's unbelievably good!
okdj Jul 04 2019
(5 / 5)
Jul 04 2019
Nice sounds
Shaq Jul 02 2019
(5 / 5)
Jul 02 2019
Seems to crash Ableton Live 10, getting high rates of CPU as well
ctho Jul 01 2019
Jul 01 2019
Update crashing every DAW i try it on. had no problems with 1.2
Kyler Jun 06 2019
(5 / 5)
Jun 06 2019
HOLY MOLY!!! This thing is such a workhorse. The functionality and sound quality offered (for a free synth) here is AMAZING!!! This is probably my new go-to VST. Way to go!!!
gridsleep May 26 2019
(3 / 5)
May 26 2019
An odd device. It looks as if it is supposed to resemble a Quasimidi Sirius. Some of its parts function well in FL 20 in Win 10 x64 but other parts seem to do nothing expected. I had to change the filter from the default to variable state to get any response from spinning the dials but still could get no change to timbre or tuning. No example patches included. A manual would be a great help for this odd duck.
gridsleep May 30 2019
May 30 2019
UPDATE: newer version with a working arp patch. The patch memory is also odd in that it appears to be dynamic. There are only patch points for working patches, not the usual big column of INIT patches seen in other VSTs.
User May 24 2019
(5 / 5)
May 24 2019
Giving a low score to a synth just because it has not a 32-bit version is childish. Especially when bridge converters are available, it's just arrogant to ask for double effort from the developers. 5 stars from me.
Adrian May 24 2019
May 24 2019
Love this, although it has changed the format of sound bank using xmlbanks instead of fxd files, anyone know of any collections or converters
VST64 May 23 2019
(5 / 5)
May 23 2019
Very good, nice sounds!
May 15 2019
No STARS for me, because no 32bits version, not all people are on 64bits
Antonio May 15 2019
(0 / 5)
May 15 2019
Without sound in my case here: Reaper, FL Studio, Bandlab Cakewalk, Traction 7 and the good old tester VstHost. Of Course all 64 bit. I back to alpha 1.2.0
faith May 15 2019
(5 / 5)
May 15 2019
doesn't work with reaper but am giving it a 5 because I know if you fix it, it will sound great (based on previous versions)
ctho May 25 2019
May 25 2019
It works just fine with Reaper in Win 10 latest build. If you're having problems, it's your computer
ctho Jun 26 2019
Jun 26 2019
i still think it's your computer. maybe you need to repair Win 10. i've never had an issue
jose May 12 2019
(4 / 5)
May 12 2019
Consomme trop de cpu ? impossible de m'en servir surtout dans les pads ?
woids May 12 2019
(0 / 5)
May 12 2019
Doesn't work with win 7 mulab
AM May 09 2019
(5 / 5)
May 09 2019
Awesome sounding synth but currently buggy.
Butler May 08 2019
May 08 2019
Produces no Sound here under Win10 and FL-Studio
Butler May 08 2019
May 08 2019
Produces no Sound here under Win10 and FL-Studio
ctho May 08 2019
May 08 2019
Something wrong with your setup, it works just fine for me